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Amazing Rave Hula Hoops for Sale

Rave hula hoops are one of the best rave accessories you can bring along to the rave for an amazing lightshow experience. They are incredibly fun, lightweight and attention grabbing with their bright LED rainbow colors. Here are the top 5 rave hula hoops that we’ve encountered so far that stand out for their incredible LED display and dazzling flashy lights that you’ll never forget.

#1 The 48 Strobing/Color Changing LED Rave Hula Hoop

Rave Hula Hoop

Rave Hula Hoop 2

This particular fusion rave hula hoop by Electric LifeStylz is a unique hula hopp with two vibrant color patterns all in one hoop. This is actually a fusion strobing LED hoop which incorporates the popular cotton candy rainbow hoop design. The 2 settings on the hoop give it a real wow-factor. It features 48 total LEDs, 24 dragonfly strobing LED B/P/G and color flashing LEDS which looks plainly amazing in the dark. The hoop now comes with a 2 AA battery option, which means you can use your rechargeable battery and when you need to charge it, you can temporarily use 2 AA batteries to power on the hoop. The multiple colors on this rave hula hoop look spectacular and are extremely fun to party with. If you’re headed for the festival you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Rave Hula Hoops for Sale

#2 The Blue Vortex Rave Hula Hoop

Rave hula hoop

This super stunning blue rave hula hoop features 90 LED lights per hood which gives it an incredibly bright and stunning glow – and a super badass look to go with it. The LEDs are placed 1” inch apart from each other, which gives this rave hula hoop a solid blue laser feel when playing around with it. It’s also really fun to watch the mesmerizing patterns of the blue vortex in the air – the LED lights glow brightly and beautifully and it even comes with a battery and recharging station.

This state of the art hula hoop also features new durable LED strip technology and it’s no rattle design ensures that the hoop makes no noise when you are swiping it through the air like a laser beam. It’s a truly electrifying experience that adds plenty of fun to the rave.

Rave Hula Hoops for Sale

#3 The Cosmic Halo Rave Hula Hoop

Cosmic Halo Rave Hula Hoops

The Cosmic Halo Rave Hula Hoop is a great beginning hoop for those learning the art of creating hula hoop lightshows. It is a 38” 107cm Cosmic Halo which looks solid bright with 22-32 LED white lights placed about every 4 inches around the hoop, giving it a marvellous feel. The awesome thing about this rave hula hoop is the white circular colors which it produces when you swing it around – creating a super stunning lightshow in seconds! It’s also really fun to play with it around the waist, which creates a vortex like pattern as it spins around. You’ll definitely draw lots of attention at the festival with this awesome rave hula hoop. As you dance to the beat of the music, the cosmic halo will create a spectacular lightshow for ravers to see. In addition, it runs off a rechargeable lithium battery for 2+ hours of run time.

rave hula hoop

Although the hoop does come with a battery and battery charger, you may wish to purchase additional batteries just so that you’ll never run out of power when at the festival It also comes with a 1 year warranty, which is a great added plus. We would definitely recommend this if you are a first time raver looking to rave with this cosmic LED hula hoop.

Rave Hula Hoops for Sale

#4 The Ocho LED Rave Hula Hoop

rave hula hoops

The Ocho LED Rave Hula Hoop is probably one of the most value of money rave hula hoops that we’ve come across, and is also pretty light and easy to handle. For under $50, the quality of the LED lights and material used in this hoop is simply superb. It features 10 color changing LEDs with ¾” OD tubing, together with a rechargeable battery and charger for a 36” hula hoop!

rave hula hoops

When we played with this hoop in the dark, it simply rocks (and rocks hard) because of its super lightweight and fun to handle. Assembling this hula hoop is not a problem at all, and is great for beginners looking to dance with at the rave festival. We loved how this LED hoop could change between 10 colors at the same time, which made raving with this far more fun and enjoyable. It also features 8 different color modes that are sequenced in order repetitively. It is a pretty unique rave hula hoop for what it is – it’s like the adorable step-child hula hoop compared those awesome LED polypros you see at music festivals. Everyone seems to love how it looks when you’re playing with it. Do remember to bring additional 2 X AA batteries around with this hoop especially if you are going to the festival so that you can never worry about running out of power.

Rave Hula Hoops for Sale

#5 The Smart Hoop for Elite Ravers

Smart Rave Hula Hoops

rave hula hoops

The Smart Hoop 1.0 by Colorado Hula Hoops is designed for elite ravers that want to take hooping to the next level at the music festival. This is really a state of the art rave hula hoop. The 38” smart hoop weighs only 15 ounces with the batteries and comes with an overwhelming 180+ LEDs which are placed every 0.65 inches apart so every 12 inches has 19 LEDs. The smart hoop runs off 2 lithium rechargeable batteries for around 90+ minutes at a time. The good thing is that this hoop comes with 4 batteries and a double charger so you will always have a back up set of batteries. The smart hoop comes with a IR 44 button wireless remote control, which allows you to pick between 20 different color options, and you can even adjust the dimmer to vary the brightness of these colors. In addition, it comes with 19 different pre-programmed modes that change between the colors in a systematic way.

rave hula hoops

The result of all these programming and enhanced smart features is one badass overkill rave hula hoop that produces a spread of colors in the air like you’ve never witnessed before. It can change color whenever you want mid-air, which means that you can even produce spirals of multiple colors that look simply dazzling and stunning. If you want the best hula hoop available in the market to captivate your audience at the rave music festival, the smart hoop is definitely something you should seriously consider investing in. Although the price is a little steep, it’s built for elite ravers and will not disappoint you.

Rave Hula Hoops for Sale

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