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Amazing Rave Masks for sale online

There are many kinds of accessories you can bring along to a rave festival, but nothing beats the thrill of wearing one of the sickest and best looking rave masks around. As you dance to the beat of the music in these awesome masks, you will definitely get a tonne of compliments by just simply wearing them to the festival.  Here are the top 10 best selling rave masks for sale that are super popular and trendy for all the right reasons – you’ll probably never forget their exotic and unique look once you actually lay eyes on them.

These best selling rave masks are simply incredible for their shocking out-of-this-world design that’s almost guaranteed to baffle all but the most hardcore of ravers. They are meticulously handcrafted, designed and baptised with metal to bring you one badass look that anyone will probably never forget. In fact, some of these best selling rave masks are so twisted and creepy that they are actually beautiful in their own special way. The great thing though, is that these awesome rave masks pair really well with LED accessories, rave tank tops and even rave shoes to give a really swanky and fun appearance. Plus, many of these rave masks now come at discounted prices at the time of writing, so don’t forget to snap them up before they sell out!

Here are the top 10 best selling rave masks for sale that make the list – their unique style, appearance and design is a cut above the rest, and they come with quality fittings and even polished metal spikes to boot.

#1 The Devil Horn Spike Rave Mask

rave mask for sale

rave mask for sale

The Devil Horn Spike Rave Mask looks like a super realistic rendition of the ‘Ant Man’ mask and is overall one killer badass looking mask. It is an elite rave mask that features 1” claw spikes and red screen eye glass that resembles that of Marvel’s Ant Man. It has 5 adjustable and detachable straps for placing around the head for a super comfortable fit. In terms of design, this rave mask looks wicked – it has 3 one-inch spikes at each side on the head on the left, right and center that make it look sick. It also has two pointed spikes above the eyes that point directly out from the twisted tubing, which presumably is where the name ‘Devil Horn’ comes from. The respirator part of the mask is also very well crafted, giving it a pointed feel and unique shape. Overall, this is one best rave masks for sale that collectors would find irresistible.

#2 Bio Hazard Bullet Spike Rave Mask

rave mask for sale

rave mask for sale

badass rave mask for sale

Like the counterpart of the Devil Horn Spike Mask, the Bio Hazard Bullet Spike Rave Mask is for ravers that prefer the dangerous biohazard symbol on the eye frame and a 3″ metallic bullet smack right in the center of the mask. It’s actually a very creepy looking mask when combined with a black hood. If you are looking for a mask that’s more suited to gothic raving and black coloured outfits, the contrast of this rave mask with that gothic rave outfit will be hands down stunning and badass. The craftsmanship in the bio hazard rave mask is equally if not superior to the devil horn: it pays meticulous attention to detail. We really liked the 3” inch center metallic bullet that looked sick by all accounts, and the 1” to 2” spikes that feature and protrude around the mask and face. The biohazard sign is perfectly crafted into the eye framework with it’s greenish allure of impending danger. This is one incredibly well designed rave mask for sale that actually doesn’t suck when it comes to comfort and design.

#3 The Cyber Punk Spike UV Rave Mask

cyber punk rave mask for sale

rave mask for sale

The design of the cyber punk spike UV rave mask is simply…shocking. It’s quite easy to figure out why this is one of the best selling rave masks of 2016 – it screams badass in every possible way. If you are a collector, then this rave mask is one heck of a gem because of its one of a kind design that’s unique and rare. What stands out most about this mask is obviously the 5” Center Spike that’s built to make the wearer look like one badass raver. It’s the kind of spike that can piece through the body of an entire human with ease, so be sure to wear this mask with caution. The eye-framework is built around a PC Wire Fan Guard, which makes it look super badass while leaving plenty of breathing room space – which is probably essential given how huge and dangerous this mask is!

The UV reactive florescent tubing goes round the circumference of the mask and through the center, which makes it look incredibly outstanding under UV light giving off a creepy greenish glow. The UV reactive tubing is also held in place by 1” spikes which compliments the design really well.

Overall, the Cyber Punk Spike UV rave mask is a true masterpiece in its own right – it’s definitely twisted and sick enough to deserve a spot here on the best selling rave masks list.

#4 Cyber Punk Red Glow Rave Mask

cyber red rave mask for sale

rave mask for sale

This is one rave mask that stands out only for one reason – the fiery orange LED excels at striking an awesomely shocking appearance with it’s glowing hot red EL wire that makes it supremely unique and fun to play with especially at rave festivals. The lights on this rave mask are nice and bright, and come with different settings: solid, blink slow and blink fast. This best selling rave mask resembles the masks worn by cyborgs in the popular Borderlands video game.

rave mask for sale

Apart from its breathtaking design, this rave  mask is also super comfortable to wear and leaves plenty of breathing space between the nose and the mask. The only hassle is that the battery pack attaches to the nozzle of this rave mask – but nobody is probably going to notice it anyway in contrast to the epic appearance of the EL glow wire. The mask also has 1” center spikes that go down the middle line of the mask, which holds the EL wire in place. The good thing is that this mask comes with an adjustable one size fits most elastic band, making it one of the most comfortable masks to put on. All in all, this is one of the best rave masks for sale you can get, and now at a discounted price too.

#5 The Cyber Punk Cosplay Purple Rave Mask

cyber punk rave mask for sale

rave mask for sale

One of our all time favourites, the cyber punk cosplay purple rave mask looks shocking in appearance and once lighted up, gives an intimidatingly stunning glow that your viewers will never forget in a long while. It is one of the best selling rave masks of all time. This is probably one of the most rad masks you’ll ever wear – the LED lighting is awesome and the speed change is an equally good featured (2 strobe speed setting and a solid on a setting). If you’re a fan of collecting rave masks, this mask is a definite must have. The EL wire is of very highly quality and glows very brightly. It’s also adjustable and very soft on the face, making it again one of the most comfortable masks out there. It’s hard not to get addicted to this rave mask.

If you are looking for a quality mask to wear this season, this is one of the best rave mask for sale available in the market. Grab it now before it runs out of stock again!

#6 Heavy Metal Fat Horn Spike Rave Mask

metal horn rave mask for sale

rave mask for sale

The heavy metal fat horn spike rave mask is a true work of art. It’s a very unique mask in a strange and beautiful way with its 7 horn metallic spikes protruding out at the front. It features a metallic color tubing that curves on the left and right of the mask which gives it an exotic mask feel. It also features 1″ to 3″ inch polished fat spikes that protrude from the center of the mask, giving it one hell of a badass look. It also comes with the gas mask pipe feature on the left/right side of the mask, which gives it a very classic rave gas mask apperance. As one of the best rave masks of sale, we were impressed by how hardcore this mask turned out. It even comes with 2 1/2″ eye glass replaced with PC wire fan guard which makes it look more intimidating. This rave mask reminds us the mask in the Mad Max – Fury Road (the movie) worn by the tyrannical Immortan Joe.

#7 Aluminium Turbine Rave Mask

turbine rave mask for sale

rave mask for sale

The Aluminium Turbine Rave Mask is an awesome looking mask that has a really out of this world design. The complex tubing network design of this mask gives it a very exotic vibe, coupled with metallic casing and the Bio-hazard symbol engraved on the front. The tubes run from side to side and are joined at the upper part of the mask, giving it a gas mask kind of appearance. The metallic casings are made of aluminium and give a good metallic shine that feels authentic and nice. Furthermore, there are aluminium turbines affixed to the tubing which enhances the overall appearance of this mask.  The 3″ metallic spike protruding at the end of the mask is a badass finish to the overall look. Unlike most masks that have a PC wire fan guard over the eyes, this one has tubings that curve partially around the eyes, giving the wearer sort of a villainous appearance that will probably shock the shit of most average party-goers.

The Aluminium Turbine is definitely one of the best rave masks for sale and comes as a limited edition product. Collectors will definitely love to wear and collect a mask as badass as this one.

#8 The Bloody Syringe Bio Hazard Rave Mask

bloody syringe rave mask for sale

rave mask for sale

The Bloody Syringe Biohazard Rave Mask is a ready-made and comfortable mask that’s perfect for rave festivals. It’s hands down one of the best selling rave masks of 2016. What makes this mask stand out is the two bloody syringes hanging from the mask with tubes filled with red blood. The spotted bloody design of the mask also gives it a one-of-a-kind badass look that’s just abnormal in every single conceivable way. Furthermore, the rave mask comes with 6 blood covered spikes pointing out of the main mask that gives it an incredibly creepy aura. Well of course the blood is fake, but we couldn’t help but get the chills just by look at it. To top it off, the mask has one red bio hazard signs painted at the side and a medical cross on the other, which gives it plenty of flare and personality. Do note that the blood splatter pattern will vary from mask to mask, but overall this is an amazing rave mask for sale worth checking out.

#9 The Black Spike Rave Mask

Black Spike Rave Mask

rave mask for sale

The Black Spike (literally black spikes) is one incredibly shocking and badass looking rave mask that is actually fun to wear. It features a high quality inner lining that makes it feel super comfortable and light on the chin. The best thing about the mask is the 3″ red spikes that protrude indecently from the mask, giving it a super creepy feel. Furthermore, it also features mini red cone spikes that are adjacent to the 3″ red spikes which enhances the overall character of this rave mask.

Since the mask is securely fastened around the head with a headband, you will not feel the weight of the metallic spikes on the chin. This mask is technically a motorcycle riding rave mask but it looks great when worn to the festival too. The quality of the mask is superb too, so you’ll never run out of something exotic to wear at the festival. It’s a best selling mask for good reason, and something you should definitely consider wearing to the festival.

#10 The Cyber Respirator Rave Mask

cyber respirator rave mask for sale

rave mask for sale

If you love spikes, the cyber respirator is probably the pinnacle of all rave masks out there. It’s coated in black gloss paint which contrasts with the silver color of the protruding spikes. The cyber respirator rave mask features a whopping total of 23 large and small spikes all over the mask that quite frankly makes it look really painful to wear to most people, although it’s really quite comfortable. If you are a collector of rave masks, this mask is a true collectible for it’s outrageous and shocking design that has a good jaw-dropping effect. We really loved the silver spikes around the two sides of the mask which looked really classy and exotic with the black gloss. It’s also one of the best selling rave masks that we have seen so far, probably due to its high quality construction and solid build.

rave mask for sale

The turbine cogs at the side look really cool with the spikes too. The spikes on this rave mask literally point out in every conceivable 360 direction, and give it an overall super badass feel. It’s not the kind of mask you’d wear to a party but if you really want to get serious at the festival you could try this mask out. Finally, it also comes with a good adjustable elastic band for a one-size-fits all idesign that’s conveniently hand-crafted to suit most raver heads. It’s truly a masterpiece in its own special right – there really is nothing like this out there that can compare to how badass this looks. Overall, this is an incredibly high quality rave mask for sale that’s worth every single cent, and also makes for a great collectors item too.

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