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Get to Know Le Malls in an iEDM Exclusive Interview

Le Malls has already had an impressive 2017 and he is only just getting started.  The 17 year old producer has been streamed over 10,000,000 times while catching the attention of the entire music industry.  

With his recent release of the impressive song "Call Me," Le Malls took the time to sit down with iEDM to discuss his latest single, how the music video came together and upcoming festival dreams. 

iEDM: Le Malls!  Thanks for doing an interview with iEDM.  You are making a big splash right out of the gate.  At 17 years old, what made you decide to be a producer?

Le Malls: I started producing when I was 13.  I was listening to a lot of music styles then one day I discovered electronic music and I saw some shows on Youtube.  I fell in love with that concept of music and the fact that people are going to see DJs--not only musicians.  I started learning how to produce and here we are now! I use my laptop and what I am feeling at the time.  It’s important for me to have a feeling with each track that I produce.

iEDM: At 13 years old, I was playing with Pokemon cards.  Where did I go wrong?  I'm curious...How have your French and Moroccan roots influenced you as a creative person?

Le Malls: I think none of the two really inspired me in producing music but the US vibes and creativity of art there has inspired me a lot.  You are always a product of your environment and that is really important.  I draw my inspiration from all elements of the arts when I create a track.  The ability to pull inspiration from other things which aren’t necessarily based on music has enabled me to create a unique sound which is really important in a scene that is saturated with all the same sounds.

iEDM:  Excellent point.  Your sound stands out because your past releases have been streamed millions of times. What were you feeling when those numbers got higher and higher?

Le Malls: I was very happy and proud that people like the way I express my feelings and how I put that in my music and my style. The first million views of R&G was really special to me and I remember being really excited and this. I mean--I created these tracks in my bedroom.  I didn’t have anyone helping me or pushing me in any direction so I could create what I wanted.  When I saw millions of people posting positive comments it really made me feel great.  It’s such an amazing thing to have millions of people listen to your music and react back in such a positive manner.

iEDM: Speaking of positive energy, music fans have been loving your new song, "Call Me."  If I'm keeping it real, "Call Me" is a track that is very different from what you have done in the past.  What was your process like putting it all together?

Le Malls: "Call Me" is a bit different from my past releases. It’s a combinations of soft melodies and a warm energetic drop.  I wanted to try this combination of two different feelings in one track and that’s the vibe I was feeling when I worked on "Call Me."  The ability to really do something that I didn’t do before which I think was important to me.  I wrote this track back in October last year and it just naturally came about which was really great.

iEDM: I think a big part of what makes this song hot are the vocals.  Lilianna Wilde provides her incredible voice on the song. How did she come on board with your latest undertaking?

Le Malls: I found her on Soundcloud.  I really liked her style and voice.  I directly contacted her and asked if she would like to collaborate with me. She accepted and that's how her magical vocals were put on the track.  She is such a great talent and such an easy person to work with.

iEDM: It all came together very nicely.  Breaking up is hard to do and not easy to talk about.  I'm currently in the process of dealing with heartache.  How have your past experiences help create "Call Me?" I'm sure it resonates with a lot of people, young and old alike.

Le Malls: I’m 17 bro.  I don’t think anyone at my age can really comment on relationships as we are all just figuring them out.  I’ve had girlfriends but at this point in my life I am completely focused on my music and finishing up highschool so I can focus on this full time.

iEDM: You are doing it correctly.  I have a feeling that you won't have too many problems down the road in the girl department.  You were big on having visuals to accompany the track's release. Why was that important to you?

Le Malls: I think the visuals always take the music to another level.  It’s very important for me cause it’s a new way to express feelings in music and make and people feel like you.  How to really understand the meaning of a song.  The video was filmed in the UK by Cameron Ward, who is an amazing talent.  His vision is always really progressive and his post production is amazing as well.  He really created such an amazing visual element to this track and everyone at Lowly Palace really loved it too.

iEDM: I highly recommend that everyone should sit down and watch the video.  For young people out there with a dream, what is some advice you can give them so they can achieve the success that you are currently seeing?

Le Malls: Working hard is the best way to success and always believe in your way of thinking and how you see things.  Always work with the right people who care and like your visions and are always there to tell you an honest opinion.  That’s the key for me.  Too many people will tell you, “You’re great” or “This is amazing” when all you need is a true and honest opinion.  That’s the hardest thing to find in the music industry.  You have to shift through a lot of the bullshit to really find a great team.  Always work with the people that believe in you personally rather than just wanting to work with you for status or social numbers.

iEDM: Very wise words at a young age.  A lot of people out there tend to forget that the music industry is a business at the end of the day.  Speaking of dreams, I'm sure you have some of your own.  What kind of festivals would you love to play in the future?

Le Malls: Well I think the ultimate dream would be to play Ultra in Miami. This is a dream for any producer or DJ that is coming up in the age of electronic music.  I am currently working on a live element to my set and a visual representation so anything that I can properly convey that would be my dream.  EDC and Red Rocks in Colorado are also some dream spots for me to play.

iEDM: Those are awesome festivals.  I have a feeling that your dreams will come true if you keep putting out music like "Call Me."  Before I let you go, you have your entire life in front of you with no slowing down in sight.  What can fans expect from you as you continue to make a name for yourself on the EDM scene?

Le Malls: Well, this year is going to be insane.  I have another track coming out June 9th on Thrive / Sony called "Bullet" which features Tiger Monkey and an amazing singer from the UK named Sorana.  I have my first confirmed shows and there is talk of a European tour with a really big artist which I can’t really divulge at this point in time.  The idea is to release as much music as I possibly can over the next 12 months.  It will really help me build up my following and cement my name in the scene.  People are really starting to notice me now which is great!  Stay tuned though because big things are going to happen.

You can follow Le Malls on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

All photographs were taken and provided by Tom Russell via @tomrussellphoto.

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