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Gryffin Talks Partnership With GE in an iEDM Exclusive Interview

Gryffin is unstoppable.  

From knowing how to make people turn up first thing in the morning for a dance party to holding it down all night during festival season, the NYC-based producer gets it done at all hours of the day.

The multi-instrumentalist works hard around the clock to deliver amazing music for all of his fans. One of his most recent efforts can be heard in GE's latest advertising campaign. The video showcases the world's power grid through contemporary dance and electronic music.

iEDM recently had the chance to catch up with Gryffin in an exclusive interview to discuss his involvement in the commercial along with a couple of other surprises he has up his sleeve for the upcoming summer ahead.  


iEDM: My man! You've been doing really big things since the last time we spoke. So--this seems like a crazy collaboration. How did the partnership between you and GE first come about?

Gryffin: I was contacted by NUE Agency about this brand partnership idea with GE. They pitched me a really cool idea about the symbiotic relationship between energy and music and that they were looking for me to score a composition for their upcoming project. It sounded like a fun project and something out of my normal routine.

iEDM: You're telling me. It was something very different from you and I mean that as a compliment. What should people expect when they watch the video for the first time?

Gryffin: I think they should expect a really cool portrayal of energy in motion through song and dance, in a very artistic form of expression.

iEDM: You said it better than I ever could.  Can you tell EDM fans more about your original track? What inspired you to put it all together?

Gryffin: Yeah! I was given a loose idea of what the video was based around, but really it came down to me just creating structure that represented the organic flow of energy.

iEDM: You can feel the energy in the air while watching the collaboration.  Speaking of energy, how were you feeling when you recently played Brooklyn's Daybreaker Event? You got the party started way early in the morning!

Gryffin: I felt really good. Outside of my recent sunrise set at EDC Las Vegas, that was probably the earliest show I've ever done with an 8am start. It was awesome. The energy and vibes of the people and room were really on point. It really was a great way to start the day.

iEDM: NYC always brings it. What are your summer plans? Are there any festivals on the horizon that fans can catch you at while they rock their latest rave gear?

Gryffin: I just finished EDC Las Vegas and Firefly Music Festival which were amazing. I already did a couple of festivals earlier this spring like Coachella and EDC Japan. I still have Lollapalooza around the corner which should be really fun.

iEDM: I know you are a busy guy and have a lot on your plate.  Before I let you go, what can we expect from you in the future?  Your progress on the scene from just a few months ago is incredible.

Gryffin: A lot more music! I'm working very hard to release more originals and remixes. I can't wait to see what people think of them!

You can follow Gryffin on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

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