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Halloween Rave Costumes – Sexy Outfits and Costume Ideas

If you’re wondering what are the best Halloween rave costumes to wear this summer to the rave, check out these stunning 10 fabulously designed rave costumes that come with vibrant neon colors and give off plenty of insane vibes.  You will be an instant smash at the rave festival wearing these rave costumes around – not to mention they are plenty of fun to dance in and super eye-catching. Here are the top 10 cutest and most fabulously designed Halloween rave costumes for ravers that we have seen this season!

#1 The Cheshire Cat Rave Costume

rave costume

The Cheshire Cat  Halloween Rave Costume is a super fun and exotic looking purple costume that looks better in real life than what you see in the photo (although admittedly the photo looks quite swanky). The best part is that instead of the floppy ears that you usually get on hoods like this, the ears have a bit of structure and stand up on their own right out of the box without having to work with wire or other ways to get them to stand up. In addition, the purple-pink dress combination gives this rave costume a super exciting feel.

rave costumeThe shell of the Cheshire Cat costume is made of 100% acrylic while the fur lining is made of 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex, which means that it is super lightweight and machine washable. The outer layer is coated with high quality faux fur that glows purple neon bright under UV light. It also comes with a shoulder harness which allows you to wear safely up or down and has pom-pom straps added to it. You can even pair the headdress with other neon rave shirts to give an incredible range of outfit customization options – so you have complete freedom as to what you want to match the purple hood with.

Furthermore, the inside of the Cheshire Cat costume is made of a shiny material that looks awesome, although it may get a little warm and clammy if you wear it for extended periods of time. The neon colored fur of this rave costume glows under UV light, making it perfect for rave lightshows. You’ll look super funky and cool dancing to the beat of the music with the Cheshire Cat!

#2 The Pink Monster Rave Costume

rave costume

The Pink Monster Rave Costume 3The Pink Monster Halloween Rave Costume by J Valentine looks incredibly awesome and eye catching. It’s made of 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex and the trim is 100% Polyester, so wearing this around is super comfortable even when dancing all night long. Plus, the pink costume features an incredibly cool cuddle fur tongue with vinyl teeth detail and pink monster design that looks amazing. You will almost be guaranteed to receive a tonne of compliments just wearing this costume around.

rave costume

We particularly liked the stretch metallic tie-back halter with the two pull-ons from the hood. The inner hood is made of a really soft and shiny material that’s designed to keep your head warm and comfortable as you dance to the beat of the music. The faux fur design and the pink monster eyes on the hood gives it a playful vibe and you can even pull off the hood to expose your head for some fresh air – the pink monster at the back looks incredibly detailed and fun.

Furthermore, you can combine this rave costume with Pink Monster rave fluffies that will seriously make you go crazy as you party in this costume. They look so stunning and cute that wearing them will definitely capture the attention of all ravers centre-stage. If you are in for some serious raving and would like to do it in style, then the Pink Monster rave costume is definitely an option you should consider wearing to the festival!

#3 The Black and White Tiger Rave Costume

rave costume

The Black and White Tiger Rave Costume 2The Black and White Tiger Halloween Rave Costume looks hands-down badass and is one of the most stylistic costumes you can ever wear to a rave. From head to toe, this rave costume is immediately eye-catching with its black tiger stripes in contrast with its white faux fur.  What’s really special about the hood is that it comes layered with high-quality white faux fur with black stripes that accurately mimics the white tiger design. The costume also comes with a white tiger tail which stretches from the back to the floor, giving this rave costume a truly exotic ‘tiger’ feel.

This black and white tiger costume is also made of extremely lightweight and comfortable materials – the cover is 95% polyester and 5% spandex, while the trip is 100% acrylic which makes it highly durable and light. The mid-section comes with a zipper-front closure with the attached hood. The wrists of this rave costume are covered with white fur, which contrasts really well with the overall appearance of this costume. Furthermore, it comes with customized tiger leg warmers that are just incredible with its black stripes and white faux fur design. You’ll be an instant hit if you wear the Black and White Tiger costume to the festival.

Overall, this is truly one of the best Halloween rave costumes and one of the most exotic ones we’ve ever seen. While most ravers opt for bright and shiny costumes or kandi designed costumes, this particular costume has lots of character and attitude in its tiger design. If you want to party hard in style this is definitely the stuff that you want to wear to the rave. You will fall in love with it in no time!

#4 The Sugar Skull Catsuit Halloween Rave Costume

The Sugar Skull Catsuit Rave Costume

We had to overcome our initial doubts about wearing a skeletal costume to a rave party but this particular sugar skull catsuit Halloween rave costume stands out for its super stunning and chic design. The coloration of the entire costume is great and is exactly as shone in the pictures. Right from the chest to the feet, you can literally see that the designers put much effort into making sure that every rib, torso, pelvis and leg bones are meticulously painted and designed into the costume. Even the back of the costume looks highly detailed, show the backbones in a very stylistic and eye-catching manner with its blend of colors and patterns. It’s a truly unique rave costume that really stands out for its artistic rendition of the human skeleton – it even looks like a walking x-ray at night when you can only see the white bones due to the contrast with the black costume.

The Sugar Skull rave costume is truly a piece of art and is 100% original and brand new when it arrived. The material is made of durable acrylic and spandex which feels comfortable on the skin and lightweight to wear around, so it’s perfect for ravers who want to party all night without skipping a beat. Besides, the costume itself pairs really well with UV glow paint on your arms and face, which makes it very fun and exciting to wear. One advantage of this costume is that it comes as a whole, which means that it is super convenient to wear and there is no need to attach anything. We’ll definitely keep this rave costume in mind for the next electronic daisy carnival.

#5 The Polka Dotty Halloween Rave Costume with Furry Monster Hood

The Polka Dotty Rave Costume with Furry Monster Hood

The Polka Dotty costume comes with a ravishing tutu skirt and furry monster hood and is probably one of the cutest Halloween rave costumes of all time. The quality of this costume is really good too, especially considering the price. The fit of this costume is great too – it’s not too short, and the polka skirt hits right above the hips. The picture is definitely an accurate rendition of how this costume looks in real life.

The Polka Dotty Rave Costume with Furry Monster Hood 2The costume is made of durable polyester which is hand-washable, and comes with the polka-dotted dress with a two-tiered tutu. It also comes with an exotic furry hood with ears, horns and eyes applique, which is truly unique and gives this costume a five star rating in terms of originality and design. The quality of the rave costume is really good too – there is lots of movement in the skirt and the seams, stitching and fabric look very pleasing. The costume also pairs really well with purple leg warmers or leg fluffies which is simply perfect if you are headed for the rave festival – you’ll definitely be wearing something that is eye-catching and popular among ravers.

What makes this costume stand out is really the two Polka eyes at the top of the rave hood, the two blue horns and the quality purple faux fur on the hood that gives it a Polka furry monster feel. We really liked the use of purple and light blue contrast which gives this costume a unique aesthetic appeal to ravers. If you are looking for something fun and cute to wear the rave festival, the Polka Dotty costume with its ravishing Polka tutu skirt is definitely a great choice.

#6 The Magic Unicorn Halloween Rave Costume

rave costume

The Magic Unicorn Rave Costume is probably one of the most colorful and aesthetically eye-catching costumes out there. The dress itself is made of 6 different colors from blue to orange and even comes with an attached unicorn furry tail. The entire outfit looks really cute and fashionable, and also includes the arm warmers with furry hoof accent, and the magical horn headpiece. We really liked the yellow-pink color combination of the arm warmers – they look super swanky and fun to rave in!

rave costumeThe entire costume is made of 100% durable polyester which means that it is incredibly lightweight – you can party all day in this outfit without missing a beat. It’s also hand washable which means you don’t have to worry about the paint coming off. Overall the magical unicorn rave costume simply rocks – people really like it because of its exotic and cute design. It’s not skanky like some women’s costumes. You’ll definitely get a tonne of compliments wearing this the festival and have plenty fun. Plus, the Magical Unicorn costume is easily compatible with rainbow/neon furry leg warmers, which makes it a great choice for multiple costume combinations. If you are looking to wear something fun and unique and flashy, then this magical unicorn costume is definitely a great investment.

#7 Dreamgirl Halloween Rave Costume

rave costume

If you’re the type of raver that loves to wear colorful tutu dresses or multicolored neon costumes in general, you’ve love the Dreamgirl rave costume. The design of the Dreamgirl rave costume is superb and very eye-catching. The colors of this costume are extremely bright, loud and intense, giving it plenty of character and attitude. It also pairs perfectly well with Kandi bracelets so if you are fan of Kandi you might want to consider this costume. Furthermore, if you have never partied in a tutu before then this costume will simply be a blast with the splash of colors and irresistible tutu that will transform your rave into an unforgettable experience.

The rave costume itself is made of 80% polyester and 20% durable plastic, which makes it highly lightweight and very comfortable to wear – so you won’t feel itchy at all. The headpiece is made of 7)% plastic, 20% polyester and 10% feather. The shoulder straps are made of 80% polyester and 20% metal. This rave costume is dry clean only which means that you cannot wash it in a machine, otherwise the costume might lose its neon color. The versatile neon rainbow striped dress can also be worn as a bandeau top, which is definitely a nice added touch. The entire costume comes with the matching neon rainbow tutu which is great.

On a whole we really liked the Dreamgirl rave costume. It looks very vibrant and its neon colored rave dress and tutu skirt were simply incredible and super fun to party with under UV light. If you haven’t worn a tutu to a rave, this Halloween rave costume is the perfect combination that you should consider trying on for an intensely fun outwardly experience.

#8 iHeartRaves Spirit Halloween Rave Costume

Halloween Rave Costumes
Halloween Rave CostumeThe Spirit Halloween rave costume by iHeartRaves is a really fun costume and a must try for first time ravers! The spirit hoodie looks perfect and is one of the best compliments to any rave outfit – combining these with colorful rave fluffies will make you an instant hit. The Pink Spirit Rave furry hood is easily one of the best we’ve come across and is designed with the softest faux fur available, which means that you’ll feel entirely comfortable wearing these around the festival. It’s a really unique and exotically designed head ware that really stands out. The hood also comes with a zipper side pocket and two side pockets which means it ultra-convenient to store your phone or wallet.
Halloween Rave CostumeThe spirit rave costume hood comes with a button top to secure the hood in position, so you don’t have to worry one bit as you party all night to the beat of the music. Furthermore, the hood is looks pure white, cute, soft and furry, and the best part about it is the paws that come with the hood. You can literally stretch out your arms into the side pockets of the hood, which makes this the perfect dance companion. It also pairs really well with LED rave bras if you want to up your game in the rave. This is probably one of the best hoods we’ve ever encountered and will surely make your raving experience an extremely fun and memorable one.

If you are looking for something cheap, funky and extremely eye-catching, get the Spirit Fluffy Furry rave costume with the hood. You’ll be having so much fun in this costume and will definitely receive a tonne of compliments from people for its stunning appearance!

#9 The Husky Furry Halloween Rave Costume  

rave costume

The Husky Furry Halloween Rave Costume is a really exotic costume that has plenty of character and cool vibes to it. If you are a fan of spirit hoods, this black and white husky will definitely be one of your favourite rave costumes you’ll ever have. The hood itself looks exactly or even better than the picture in real life – the fur is very thick and lush, and the coloring is simply sublime with shades of grey and white spread over the hood. The lining has a short black velvety fur and we really liked the loop button closure and zipper pocket. We were pleasantly surprised how nice the button was. The mitten pockets fit the hands perfectly without having to make any fists. The husky hood is very warm and cozy and pairs perfectly with rave shirts/furry leg warmers. This is really a potent combination that will make you truly stand out at the rave festival.

rave costumeThe hood itself is uniquely designed and made of the softest quality faux fur available, which means you are really getting quality for what you pay for. Furthermore, this rave costume comes with ‘arms’ that stretch from the hood down to the waist an even have a two side pockets where you can store your phone or other accessories. Wearing this hood around will almost guarantee a tonne of compliments coming your way. In fact, when we wore this hood to the EDC, we were surprised at how many people wanting to know where we got this hood and were surprised at how little it cost.

In short, if you want to rave in style and let loose a little, the Husky Furry rave hood is probably one of the best options out there to consider. You won’t regret having too much fun in these!

#10 The Fire Breather Halloween Rave Costume

rave costume
The Fire Breather Halloween Rave Costume looks hands down amazing. It’s probably one of the most unique and incredible looking costumes we’ve ever come across. The entire costume is hand-customized from head to toe, and you can really feel the amount of detail and work that has made this costume so attractive. The costume itself mimics a fire breathing dragon – the hood has two horns stretching out, and even features a long dragon-like tail from the top stretching to the bottom. It also comes with two side ‘dragon-wings’ that are nicely painted in red and black lining, and look really awesome up front. Furthermore, the costume itself is made of high quality faux fur and vinyl, making it super comfortable and fun to wear around the rave.

rave costumeWhat we really liked about this costume was the skirt and leg warmers that were truly unique in their dragon ‘spike’ design, with each spike nicely protruding from the skirt and legs to give a very stunning appearance. The spikes are also colored in blood red and have scale like engravings on it to give it a very realistic feel. The dress also comes with an attached tail that extends down to the ankle, giving the appearance of a super long dragon tail with many spikes. It’s one of the swankiest Halloween rave costumes that will definitely become a conversation piece. Furthermore, the cover of the costume is made of 100% vinyl and the trim is 100% acrylic. It’s entirely made in the USA and imported as a genuine J Valentine product, so you can be assured that you are getting the bang for the buck.

Overall, the Fire Breather rave costume is one stunning and super well designed costume that just attention grabbing and screaming for attention. It’s also one of the hottest costumes we’ve encountered so far – if you want to party in style and let loose for a day or two, come dressed in the Fire Breather costume and be prepared for the ultimate time of your life.

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