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How to choose a music festival

Why Choose a music festivalMost people only get to go to one or two music festivals a year. Finances, time off work, and well mainly finances are the biggest reason that you have to choose your festival wisely.

The first thing to look at when choosing a festival is the line-up. Whether you know exactly what calibre of bands you want to see, or whether you’re open to learn about new bands. Make sure you pick a festival that looks like you chose the bands yourself, almost as if the vibe of the festival matches you as a person. The perfect music festival is out there for you somewhere.

If money for travel is an issue, why not have a look at what’s close to you? Once you go and have a great time it’s easy to make that your yearly festival and be content with it. It’s important to note that not all festivals are created equal. Once you have enjoyed a close festival, dare yourself to branch out and try some new ones. All music festivals can be fun. Some festivals are life changing.

Choosing a festival
and when you do have a good amount of money set aside, why not look beyond a car ride or even beyond a train ride? I have attended many festivals by flying across the country (USA) and if you plan far enough in advance you will notice the plane tickets are not that much.

The next aspect you should look at is the ticket price and the extra fees. The ticket price is the ticket price and there is not much you can do about it. The extras parts, such as accommodation, is where you can save money if you are smart about it.

If the venue is in a city think long and hard if you know anyone there. Use Facebook to see if anyone you know has friends there that you could stay with. Finding a free place to stay is the absolute best way to say money (maybe even enough to attend another festival).

The closest music festival to me in Los Angeles is called Coachella. At Coachella you either pay for camping or rent out a house for the weekend. Even though it was the closest in proximity to me the festival was the most expensive of the year because it was a two hour drive and $250 to stay for the weekend. This put the price over a plane ticket to the other festivals I attended but had a free place to stay.

The next part you want to look at is the weather, The weather plays a huge factor in your festival experience regardless of if it’s an area you’re familiar with or not. If you have narrowed your festival search down to a few festivals with similar line-ups, that are in the same ballpark financially, choose the one with the likelihood of best weather. When looking at weather remember that you need to look at a combination of humidity and temperature. High temperature with low humidity is bearable because it cools off when the sun sets. High temperature with high humidity is the worst and can make your festival experience a struggle.

Once you have decided on a festival the secret to making it the weekend of a lifetime is to get your friends to come with you. Make a Facebook group so everyone can communicate and encourage each other to save money. This Facebook group is a great way to share information on bands and festival announcements. By the time the festival finally begins everyone will be completely ecstatic after talking about it for a few months.

So there you have it. Do your research and you will find the perfect festival for you. With a little planning you will be there and ready to rock.

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