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Kandi Masks – Custom Made Rave Festival Masks for sale

One of the best things about attending rave festivals and Electronic Daisy Carnivals is the thrill of wearing Kandi masks. The great thing about Kandi masks is that they are highly customizable, and once you get  the right set of kandi beads you can start making the perfect Kandi mask which is super fun and cool to wear around. If you are looking for the best kandi mask designs and ideas, check out these top 10 Kandi masks for sale for their incredibly hip, unique and exotic appearance. Some of these Kandi masks even glow in the dark (made with special glow-in-the-dark Kandi beads), making them one of the most appealing masks to wear at night at the festival!

#1 The Spiderman Kandi Mask

Spiderman Kandi Mask for sale

There are plenty of nice looking kandi masks out there but heck – this Spiderman kandi mask really stands out for its incredible appearance and eye-catching web design! The mask is made of only red and black beads, approximately 4000 of them, to create a unique web-like design that resembles the spiderman web you see in the movies. It’s one of the best kandi masks for sale right now in the market. The eyes are also beaded with a black outline which makes this kandi mask look really cool. Wearing the Spiderman kandi mask to the festival is going to make you an instant hit, and you will get a tonne of compliments just by wearing it around to the dance floor. The structural design of the spiderman kandi mask is incredibly detailed and meticulous, with each red-black segment carefully thought out and in the right proportions. It takes some serious skill to make such a delightful kandi mask but hey – it’s possible!

#2 The Radio Active Kandi Mask

rainbow kandi mask for sale

Radioactive Kandi Mask for sale

The Radio Active Kandi Mask looks incredibly awesome with its rainbow multi-color kandi beads design, affixed with two gas-like “chambers”. We really liked the radio-active sign and both sides of this Kandi mask which blend very well with their orange and black design. The black kandi beads around the kandi mask contrast really well with the rainbow design. You’ll be an instant hit if you wear this mask around at the rave and furthermore, it bears really well with kandi bracelets and rainbow leg warmers.

The truly amazing thing about this bio-hazard radioactive kandi mask is that it actually glows at night because it is made of glowing kandi beads, giving it an incredible vibrant appearance. The rave mask looks really cool under UV light too, giving it a ghostly bright appearance that’s just super fun to party with. It make things better, you can even customize this kandi mask with kandi beads so that the colors looks exactly how you want it. If you are planning on making a kandi mask or getting one for yourself at the EDC, don’t forget to check this one out.

#3 The Batman Kandi Mask

Batman Kandi Mask for sale

The Batman Kandi Mask looks really amazing, and comes with three different designs for Batman, Bane and the Joker from the dark knight rises. It’s one of the best Kandi masks for sale that looks super recognisable from afar. We really liked how the batman logo is so nicely designed right smack in the centre of the mask, and the color contrast with yellow (although we figured that white would probably look nice too). The Bane kandi mask looks incredible too, with black stripes of kandi beads on the mask, giving it a phantom-like gas mask appearance. The iconic joker kandi mask looks really awesome, with the red smile and black eyes neatly positioned on the mask. There are basically no limitations to how creative you can get with these masks, so if you have these color combinations as seen in the image above, you can definitely recreate these amazing Batman kandi mask designs in no time at all.

#4 UV Solar Kandi Masks

UV Solar Kandi Mask

These UV Solar Kandi Masks are amazing to wear and are one of the best kandi masks for sale in the market. From afar, they actually look really stunning with the black beaded outline and translucent beads that are extremely well designed. We really liked the three “up” stripes in the centre of the mask, which makes it look like a gas mask ventilation opening. The best thing about this kandi mask is that it actually charges under the sun, so you can be assured that it will glow extremely brightly in the night or under UV light, which is just amazing. Furthermore, the UV solar kandi mask uses different colors of glowing kandi beads, and the ultimate result is a highly customizable kandi mask that you can have and alter the color of how it would glow in the dark. It’s plenty of fun wearing this mask to the festival and if you fancy partying to the beat of the music with an awesome kandi mask, don’t forget to check this one out.

#5 Mortal Kombat Kandi Mask

Mortal Kombat Kandi Mask for sale

If you are a fan of the Mortal Kombat video game series then you’ll definitely love these kandi masks. They look super awesome and are highly customizable, plus they glow in the dark too! We really liked the orange kandi mask with the three black beaded stripes intersecting through the centre of the mask, giving it a very unique appearance. They are very cool best selling kandi masks. The purple Mortal Kombat mask looks super fun to wear too, with its incredibly well designed mask and ‘purple’ ventilation through the centre. Kandi Gear really did a great job in designing such fun masks to wear around – fans of Mortal Kombat will be sure to go wild over the huge selection of these kandi mask designs. The great thing about Kandi is that, with the right colors and Kandi beads, you can effectively design one of the best looking Kandi masks in no time at all.

#6 The Cheshire Cat Kandi Mask

Cheshire Cat Kandi Mask for sale

These Cheshire Cat kandi masks look really fun to wear around. They come in multiple color combinations to choose from and feature the eye-catching ‘cheshire cat smile’ in the centre. The smile consists black beaded outlines, white kandi ‘teeth’ and a pink ‘tongue’ which contrasts very well with the underlying background color. We really liked the blue kandi mask at the centre with it’s glaring smile and rainbow exterior outline which makes it stand out. You can also further customize these kandi masks however you want in any color combination to create your own evil smile mask. This is definitely one best selling kandi mask you shouldn’t miss out on!

#7 The ‘Rage’ Kandi Mask

Rage Kandi Mask for sale

This Kandi mask looks awesome and quite scary to look it with its long glaring ‘RAGE’ teeth and black exterior. We really liked how well the white teeth of this kandi mask contrasts with the black coloration of the mask, giving it a superior contrast that’s just eye-catching. It has a badass design that any raver will never forget, and not to mention, you can also customize the RAGE teeth color with the appropriate kandi beads to make it look even more badass (think red blood oozing out of the mouth). The ‘Rage’ Kandi mask design is truly spectacular in its own right, and if you ever get the chance to wear a mask like this you will definitely have a tonne of fun spreading rage around the festival.

#8 The Pokemon Kandi Mask 

Pokeman Kandi Mask for sale

Pokemon may have been outdated a long time ago but these Pokemon kandi masks are really something special. They feature well know Pokemon characters by effectively recreating the digital faces of these once beloved creatures – and the results are spectacular. We particularly liked the orange ‘Pikachu’ kandi mask that looks sublimely awesome – the three colored eyes (white, black and green) gives the mask plenty of character.

Pokemon Kandi Mask for sale

The smile is also well done too, with the right number of red/white and black outlines to recreate the original smile. If you ever have the chance to snap up one of these rave Pokemon kandi masks, do not hesitate as they look super unique and are really fun to wear around at the festival. Although Pokemon may be an outdated thing of the past, you will definitely stir up lots of fond memories as you rave and dance around in these cool Pokemon masks. Plus, they come in different designs and colors to choose from, so you will be spoilt for choice. They are definitely one of the best kandi masks for sale and often sell out fast – so grab them while you can!

#9 Hello Kitty Kandi Mask

Hello Kitty Kandi Mask for sale

One of the cutest rave masks we encountered at the 2014 EDC was the Hello Kitty Kandi Mask, which is a super popular and incredibly eye-catching Kandi Mask.  Unsurprisingly, the Hello Kitty Kandi Mask is one of the best selling masks of all time. This particular Hello Kitty mask features all 7 colors from red to orange to purple and white, and these blend of colors all come together to create something special. The white hello kitty design in the centre of the Kandi mask, with its two little dotted eyes and yellow nose look incredibly simplistic and elegant. The black outline effectively creates the Hello Kitty face, giving it a look that you’ll never forget. Furthermore, the rainbow design around the Hello Kitty adds a nice contrast, making it look super stunning from afar and very fun to party in. If you like something that’s exciting, ravishing and popular amongst ravers, you can’t go wrong with the Hello Kitty Kandi Mask.

#10 The Angry Bird Kandi Mask

Angry Bird Kandi Mask for sale

The Angry Bird Kandi mask is a one of a kind mask that is super recognizable and fun to wear around at the festival. It’s made of a combination of colorful kandi beads, from red to yelloe and white-blue eyes that accurately depicts the angry bird. Furthermore, we really liked how nicely done the angry bird design was replicated on the kandi – the red contrasts very well with the yellow nose and white-blue eyes, giving it lots of attitude and character. The black arc in the centre-top of the mask represents a certain ‘frown’ that makes this mask look angry, which is exactly what ravers want to see. Wearing this mask to the EDC will almost guarantee you receiving a tonne of compliments as you dance the night away to the beat of the music. This kandi mask is definitely a must have for fans of Angry Birds and collectors alike. The Angry Bird kandi mask for sale is now available at a discounted price this season.

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Red Kandi Mask

So what do you think of these Kandi Masks? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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