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Kaskade Sold-Out Redux Tour Draws Fury From Fans

Fact: EDM fans are devoted to their artists. We love our DJs and show our support and appreciation with merch, artist kandi, flags, totems and more. No one can question our devotion to our artists. But sometimes that devotion can step over the line and we love our artists so much that it can become negative. 

Like many Kaskade fans I was thrilled when I heard he was announcing a Redux tour. I got my phone out, set alarms for when tickets would go live and mentally prepared myself for another amazing Kaskade performance. 

I was not prepared for what happened. 

The next day I saw that social media peppered with angry comments from Kaskade fans about Redux tour tickets. I was completely lost and confused until I scrolled through the comments and saw the source of frustration. Tickets sold out, pages crashed, bots were purported to have bought many of the tickets and pre-sale codes didn't work. 

Valid. It's really frustrating when you want to go to a show and the tickets sold out. But what crossed the line was when fans started attacking Kaskade himself on Twitter. 

Okay y'all. Let's get one thing clear. We love Kaskade, and we're angry because we couldn't get tickets to his show. Valid. But what people have to understand is the nature of Redux Tour itself. Redux is not like Kaskade's Sun-Soaked or Spring Fling shows. It isn't meant to be experienced on a huge scale in a crowd of thousands. Redux is an intimate show, and Kaskade chose smaller venues to cater to the Redux experience. If people want thousands of other people at a show, they can catch Kaskade at EDC. 

I completely agree that scalpers are the least PLUR scum of the earth. Anyone who buys out tickets before real fans can get their hands on them and tries to sell them back at increased value deserves a lot more than an eyelash stuck in their eye forever. But scalpers be warned, your tickets will not be honored and you will be black-listed. Kaskade himself is taking steps to prevent scalpers from ripping off fans, so scalpers, don't bother. 

My message for Kaskade fans is this: don't blame Kaskade. Understand that Redux Tour isn't a huge show, it's a very small and intimate show. Tickets sold fast and technical difficulties happen. But if we all love Kaskade as much as we say we do, we'd understand this. So don't blast him on social media, don't threaten to spam him until he gives you tickets. That's un-PLUR, immature and annoying. We all want to go to Redux, we all love Kaskade. We just have to accept that the nature of the show won't allow for thousands of people and hey, it's Kaskade's show, let him construct it the way he meant for it to be experienced. And scalpers? Bugger off. 


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