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New York's Iconic Webster Hall Closes Doors

Many ravers have that EDM venue that that they hold near and dear to their hearts. Maybe they saw their first show there, or their favorite DJ, or met their rave bae. For many New York ravers, that venue is the iconic Webster Hall, a venue that has been everything from a rock haven to an EDM hub. Webster Hall has seen many legendary DJs over the years, from Dash Berlin to Porter Robinson and Madeon

Sadly, Webster Hall will be closing its doors after its final round of shows. Webster Hall was recently bought out by AEG and Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment. AEG and Brooklyn Sports own Barclays Center, Terminal 5 and other venues in the city. While Webster Hall will no longer be what it was, fans had a chance to pay homage to the longstanding nightclub. 

EDM hard-hitters came to New York this past weekend to close out the legendary venue with three sold-out shows. Carnage, Moksi and Skellism played the final Girls Night Out at Webster Hall on Thursday. Datsik, Spock and Mark The Beast shook Webster Hall on Friday night, celebrating the final Girls and Boys night at Webster. Saturday saw another sold out show with Ekali, Deux Twins, Skrillex and Boys Noize. Both weekend nights, the party started at 10 and didn't end until after sunrise. 


9:50 PM- I show up at the doors, thinking I'll stamp in early and then hang out at a bar until it was closer to show time. The line was already around the block. 

10:45 PM- Finally got into Webster, found out no re-entry

11:30 PM- Got a spot on the balcony railing, I will hold onto this for dear life. 

12:15 PM- Spock has the crowd headbanging, necks will be broken tonight. 

12:50 PM- First mosh pit of the night, there's a girl in the mosh holding her own and I am so proud. 

1:30 AM- Mark The Beast is dropping heavy bass. If Datsik goes harder, Webster's speakers may blow out. 

2:30 AM- Datsik comes on, Ninja Nation goes crazy

3:00 AM- Datsik drops last drum and bass that (as he said) will ever be played at Webster Hall. Reminds us all that it is his bedtime.

4:00 AM- Family photo with Datsik. Webby's speakers remain intact. 

4:15 AM- House DJs come on and are slated to go until 5 in the morning. I will crawl into bed and do this again tomorrow night. 



12:30 AM- Sprinted from my other job to Webster Hall, not a bad line this time. 

12:50 AM- Caught the tail end of Ekali's set. Absolutely beautiful. I'm smashed between a wall, a trash can and a person. 

1:00 AM- Skrillex comes on. Tells everyone to take their pictures now and then put away their phones. Maybe a third of the crowd complies. 

1:30 AM- It is approximately 100 degrees in here with a humidity of 95%. But the crowd doesn't care. Skrillex drops Burial and I lost my mind. 

2:00 AM- I somehow get onto the rail on the far left. Finally I can headbang. 

2:45 AM- Skrillex wants a mosh pit, Sliink and Jas Davis went into the crowd to start one. I'm backing away as fast as possible. 

2:50 AM- Boys Noize comes out with Skrillex. Dog Blood is back and the back-to-back begins! 

3:30 AM- Dog Blood is dropping heavy beats, less headbanging and more dancing now. People are starting to make shuffling circles. 

4:00 AM- Crowd is thinning out, still packed, but at least you can turn in a circle without bumping into someone. The ground is soaked, covered with crumpled water bottles and empty cups. 

5:30 AM- Skrillex finishes his set. How did he just play a 4 and a half hour set? House DJ's come on for the last time. 

6:00 AM- Bassment is still going strong, no such thing as too much bass. Bassment completely sold out, so Saturday night saw the entire building sold out. 

6:45 AM- Webster Hall kicks everyone out. Every night has to end eventually. 


To Webster Hall and the Ballinger family- Thank you. Thank you for the music, the laughter, the special nights and the memories. Thank you for creating a space in New York for ravers to do what we love best, to dance the night away and forget the problems that lie outside the doors. We will miss you so much, and no matter what Webster becomes, we will never forget everything that you have done for us. Much love. 

Photo credit: 
Bryan Kwon (WH House Photographer) 
Twitter: @dailyeyes
Instagram: @dailyeyes_com
Facebook: Dailyeyesphoto

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