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Rave Bodysuits – Women’s Rave Rompers & Festival Bodysuits

Nothing beats the thrill of wearing on the funkiest and coolest rave bodysuits to your favorite EDM music festival or rave parties. These stellar rave bodysuits and women’s rave rompers look insanely attractive – you’ll definitely get a tonne of compliments just wearing it around. Furthermore, these rave bodysuits are designed to fit amazingly on your body, making you look very sexy, sparkly and also relish in the comfort of your romper! If you are looking for an exotic raving outfit with plenty of style and fun, look no further.

Here we feature the very best rave bodysuits that stand out for their extravagant design and incredible comfort – we are pretty confident that you will fall in love with these bodysuits once you have tried them on. They are made of the highest quality fabric available to give it that special shine. Going to rave festivals with your friends dressed up in these bodysuits in the perfect way to celebrate and have fun – plus you will definitely love how spacious and lightweight the materials are. In addition, these rave bodysuits are simply the perfect way to show off your body. For ravers who haven’t tried these yet, these rave bodysuits are a must have for rave festivals and we highly recommend them!

#1 Stellar Disco Romper Rave Bodysuit

Women's Rave Bodysuits

Stellar Disco Romper Rave

The Stellar Disco rave romper and swimsuit is made of 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex to give extreme comfort when worn. It is extremely lightweight and durable, which makes it one of the best party outfits ever. Furthermore, the enchanting shine of this bodysuit is guaranteed to steal the crowd for you at the next EDC event. If you are looking for a great bodysuit which is eye-catchy and super stunning, this funky stellar disco women’s rave bodysuit will definitely impress everyone at the EDC festival.

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#2 Groovy Velvet Rave Bodysuit

Rave Groovy Velvet Bodysuit

The groovy velvet rave romper and bodysuit looks super cool with is myriad of colors and patterns. No two bodysuit looks the same – the manufacturers of this awesome bodysuit specially tailor the design for each purchase. Furthermore, this bodysuit is made of 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex and is machine washable, which means you don’t have to worry about roughing out this bodysuit at the rave festival. The material is also super lightweight and gives you plenty of freedom of motion as you dance to the beat of the music. If you are looking for a super funky rave bodysuit this season, you don’t want to miss out on this one. 

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#3 Tie Dye Velvet Rave Bodysuit

Tie Dye Velvet Rave BodysuitThis tie dye rave suit is made of 96% Polyester / 4% Spandex which makes it probably the most comfortable bodysuit on this list. The rave bodysuit is designed to be extremely lightweight and durable, making it super ideal for party festivals and other dancing carnivals. Wearing this to the EDC will also make you an instant hit with the attractive colorations on the bodysuit. It’s a very fun way to let loose at the festival and you’ll definitely enjoy the tonne of compliments that come with wearing this around. 

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#4 Stellar Velvet Romper Rave Bodysuit

Stellar Velvet Romper Rave Bodysuit

Looking for the perfect way to show off your body while having some serious fun at the festival? The Stellar Velvet rave bodysuit is an elegant and classy looking bodysuit that’s incredibly sexy. It’s made of 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex which means its super lightweight and durable. We particularly liked the designed of this bodysuit because of its groovy design around the body. If you are planning to rave in style and get a tonne of attention while dancing to the beat of the music, we highly recommend getting this bodysuit. The Stellar Velvet is truly one of the those bodysuits that will impress everyone around you so be prepared for some serious attention if you decide to wear it to the festival.

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#5 Strappy Rave Bodysuit

Strappy Rave Bodysuit

The Strappy rave bodysuit is a designer classic that’s made of 81% Nylon / 19% Lycra for a super comfortable fit. It probably is the best bodysuit in terms of body exposure. If you don’t mind showing off your body at the rave festival or EDC, this is simply perfect – not to mention the straps around the body will accentuate the natural beauty of your body. This rave bodysuit will simply make you look like a model dressed for a designer show – be prepared to receive lots of attention from fellow (guy) ravers around if you decide to wear this to the festival. 

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#6 Lightning Rainbow Cut Out Rave Bodysuit

Lightning Rainbow Cut Out Rave Bodysuit

The Lightning Rainbow Cut rave bodysuit is an authentic J. Valentine product made in the USA for the highest quality. It is constructed of 80% Nylon / 15% Spandex which feels super lightweight and durable. This bodysuit is probably the most eye-catchy rave suit available on this list, with a super stylistic lightning-galactic design that’s incredibly funky and eye-catchy. The black adjustable ties around the body is simply a fashion statement – and is an incredible awesome looking bodysuit that’s going to grab some serious attention at the festival. We particularly liked the multi-colored lightning design which looks full of energy and party vibes. 

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#7 Stellar Stars and Stripes Romper Rave Bodysuit

Stellar Stars and Stripes Romper Rave Bodysuit

For patriotic ravers, the Stellar Stars and Stripes romber is the pefect way to show your loyalty to your country. It is made of 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex which means it is lightweight and durable, and gives you plenty of room to manoeuvre in. It’s a hand-washable bodysuit so you can wash it at all times without having to worry about the color fading off. For those who wish to rave in style, the Stellar Stars bodysuit is a great idea and incredibly fun outfit to have especially at EDC / music festival events. 

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#8 Daisy Rave Strappy Bodysuit

Daisy Rave Strappy Bodysuit

The Daisy Rave Bodysuit is probably one of the coolest looking rave suits on this list. If you are in to daisy designer costumes, this costume will simply blow you away at how articulate and beautiful it looks in reality. It’s made of 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex to give you extra comfort while you wear it – the pink body straps looks super funky and cool too. We particularly adored the daisy design on the bodysuit which looked very attractive and fun to dance to the beat of the music with. This daisy rave bodysuit is handmade in the USA and imported by J. Valentine, so you can be assured that you are getting value for what you pay for. We really liked this bodysuit for its funky design and very authentic body straps; you will be surprised at how much energy you can find wearing this sexy bodysuit as you dance to the beat of the music! 

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#9 Galaxy Hooded Romper and Tube Top X

Galaxy Hooded Romper and Tube Top X

The Galaxy Hooded Romper and Tube Top X is the perfect outfit for those who like the galactic bodysuit. The neon blue colors glow very brightly under neon light and look incredibly awesome as you dance to the beat of the music. It’s simply one of those bodysuit sets that really brings out the fun of raving and dancing at the music festival – plus you’ll definitely grab a tonne of attention just wearing this around and mesmerising others with how funky this bodysuit looks. This is truly one of those galaxy bodysuits you will definitely enjoy wearing at the rave festival and we highly recommend it.

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#10 Ganja Weed Leaf X Cross Romper Rave Bodysuit

Ganja Weed Leaf X Cross Romper Rave Bodysuit

The Ganja weed romper rave bodysuit has a super incredible weed design that looks super artistic and stunning. Trust us when we say that this bodysuit is perfect to dance to the beat of the music with – it gives off plenty of incredible vibes that is simply awesome and full of energy. The authentic design also makes this bodysuit very unique and has a one of a kind feeling. Plus, it’s made of very highly quality materials that makes it super durable and lightweight to wear around. If you are looking for something fun and exotic to wear at the rave party, try this one out!

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