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Rave Crop Tops – Women’s Rave Tops and EDM Crop Tops

So what’s all the hype about these new-age rave crop tops in rave fashion?

It is true that are a great many varieties of rave outfits and rave crop tops to wear to the rave party, but few designs ever stand out from the crowd. Most people resort to wearing ‘rainbow’ and ‘kandi’ rave outfits at EDCs/rave festivals but these things are mostly the ‘common stuff’ these days. The problem is that they tend to over-emphasize colour and vibrancy. On the other hand, the very best rave crop tops embrace a minimalist approach to rave fashion. They are cool mostly because they allow you to show off your great smoking hot body. With the right set of rave tops and rave accessories, this minimalist combination will probably one of the most smoking hot and sexy rave outfits at the festival.  Here are the top 5 most eye-catching rave crop tops we’ve encountered that feature flare and attitude  – wearing these rave crop tops will bound to capture some serious attention at the festival (apart from a great body, of course). Overall, they really stand out as a new-age fashion statement.

#1 Space Alien Rave Crop Top
rave crop topsrave crop topsrave crop tops









The first on our list is the Space Alien rave crop top. The pattern on this rave top is simply gorgeous with a nice galactic background design. The alien logo on the front looks really cool and makes its statement loud and clear: peace on earth to all humanity and aliens alike. It’s a really clever metaphor for PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity & Respect). But what we really liked about this alien space crop top was how good it looks in real life; iHeartRaves definitely did a good job in paying attention to the detail of this rave top. It’s also made of 100% polyester and is machine washable, so you can use this outfit as many times as you like.  There are also variations of the space alien rave crop: some may prefer the green-white contrast of the glitter alien rave top variation, which is a nice added touch.

rave top cropsrave top crops










#2 Disco Mesh Halter Rave Crop Top 

rave crop tops

rave crop tops

The Disco Mesh Halter is one of the hottest rave crop tops out there on the market. It’s a one size fits most design, and is made of a fabric that stretches according to the breadth of your body. What we really liked about this rave top was again the attention to detail. For example, the glitter around the rave top, is a nice added touch that makes this rave top stand out, and yet doesn’t overdo things on the colour. The two iHeartraves blue logos look really cool and accentuates the overall design of this rave top, which brings out the sexiness of the body. The white variation of this rave top is an great added choice, although we preferred the black design more which gives it a more classy feel. Either way, the white colour design looks great overall too.

rave top crops

#3 iHeartRaves Meow Rave Crop Top

rave crop tops

rave crop tops

You’ve just got to love this Meow rave crop top. Combine this with black coloured leggings (as in the picture) and you’ve got one badass fashion statement. We were very impressed with how cute this rave top crop looked in real life; the material stretches well and fits comfortably, although some might find it uncomfortable (please check the size before purchase), depending on cup size. It’s also made of 95% cotton which makes this easily one of the most comfortable rave tops out there. Festival season has arrived! ♡

#4  Electric Jellyfish Rave Crop Top

Electric Jellyfish Rave Crop Top

There’s a certain vibe to the Electric Jellyfish rave crop top that makes it look outstanding and exciting to wear. The colour pattern of this rave top is superbly designed, with great attention to detail. This top, designed by ‘Into the AM’, does something creative that other rave top designers consistently fail to do  – it doesn’t play safe with its design. When it comes to creating patterns that capture the eye, this designer is at the top of the game. We also previously reviewed and featured the Space Cat rave top by into the AM. But back to the rave top: it’s design is just so exciting to look at and wear around. It has a style flushed with modern chic, and combined with a pair of pretty good shades, you can probably imagine how pretty this would look.

#5 Enlightened Glow “Dark Muscle” Rave Crop Top

rave crop tops

Apart from it’s super eye-catching design that resembles that of a dream catcher, the “Dark Muscle” rave crop top actually glows in the dark very brightly (see image below). The glow of the dream catcher is simply mesmerizing and awesome to dance to in the beat of the music. We were pleasantly surprised at how soft this rave top was and has a nice length to it. The fact that this rave top is light weight is also an nice extra added touch. You’ll be bound to receive a tonne of compliments just wearing this amazing looking rave top around the festival!

rave crop tops

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