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Rave Diffraction Glasses – Trippy Kaleidoscope Glasses

Rave diffraction glasses can make or break your rave experience – as you party through the night with awesome lights and sounds, it makes a hell lot of difference if you have good shades on to keep you entertained through the wildness. Instead of getting some cheap looking rave shades that you’d probably discard after the rave, why not invest in a pair of good ones that will make a conversation piece? Here we review the top 10 most exotic, kick ass rave diffraction glasses that will turn your rave experience into one trippy kaleidoscopic experience you will never ever forget.

#1 GloFX Rainbow Prism Rave Diffraction Glasses 

prism rave glasses

trippy rave glasses

crystal rave glasses







The GloFX Rainbow Prism Rave Diffraction Glasses are probably the best indie looking rave glasses out there, and they pack an extra punch in delivering amazing kaleidoscopic effects too. The intense high density crystal lenses designed with multiple perforated edges makes this one of the best looking rave glasses of 2015 – and they are authentically hand-crafted to produce the best effects. We really like the fact that you could even customise the frame (whether you want a pure black from or an indie designed frame), which works really well for those who wish to add a personal touch to their glasses. The crystal lenses also vary from a light blue tint to yellow tinted crystal designs, making them look very appealing and stunning from afar. These are truly one of the best looking glasses in the market – we wore these at Ultra 2014 and were surprised at how many people even offered to buy these from us!


  • These pair of rave glasses are simply at the top of the line (simply the beast of all rave glasses) if you want some sensory and visual overload or psychedelic fun.
  • Comes with different frame designs you can select from; GloFX is pretty creative when it comes to the build quality of these frames, and they even have ‘hippie’ designs which offer a pretty decent alternative to the traditional black frame types
  • Uses hand-crafted glasses crystals to create kaleidoscope effect; you can feel the quality while wearing these pair of rave glasses, although it can at times feel weighty. The solid frame is a plus in terms of durability
  • Looks badass


  • Intense kaleidoscopic effect; makes walking straight almost impossible in these rave glasses
  • You cannot expect to wear these rave glasses around and go unnoticed

#2 Amber Crown Rave Diffraction Glasses 

amber rave diffraction glasses

The Amber Crown  Rave  Diffraction Glasses stand out for their unique ‘bug-eye’ frame and yellow-amber diffraction lenses, giving these rave glasses an exotic feel when worn at the festival. The lenses themselves are made of a yellow-amber tinted crystal lens that gives a very ‘bumble-bee’ yellowish effect. This is probably one of the most stunning glasses we’ve found so far, and we are glad that we did. The frame itself is designed to be extremely lightweight, partially to compensate for the weight of the lenses and balancing the weight distribution. The eye-catching design of the Amber Crown lies in its distinctive yellow diffractions that you can actually see from holding it afar, making them shine really brightly under the festival lights. The great thing about these lenses is that they diffract light outwards – which means that your eyes will not get dazed by incoming flashes of light, making them comfortable to wear around EDM lightshows.


  • Probably the most well-balanced kaleidoscopic rave glasses
  • Flat back design helps to distribute weight load
  • Amber crown design looks pretty decent with its pixellated lenses  and “bug eye” frame


  • Less intensive kaleidoscopic effect than the rainbow rave glasses
  • Plastic side frame feels a little flimsy
  • Slightly more pricey

#3 The Emerald Light Geometric Rave Glasses

emerald rave diffraction glasses

The Emerald Light Geometric Rave Glasses have very well constructed kaleidoscope faceted crystal lenses and beautiful black frames with UV400 protection! The design of the Emerald light is simple and yet looks magnificent day or night – they always provide not an overwhelming but certainly trippy and an awesome view, and are well worth the price tag if you are looking for a more affordable option. Many ravers would consider these set of glasses as more ‘balanced’ than the traditional counterparts, with a lighter set of crystal lens with fewer perforated edges. If you prefer a more ‘simplistic’ and less showy design, you should definitely consider going for these. We really liked the traditional black circle frame around the glasses, giving a nice contrast to the colorful spectrum from the crystal lenses.


  • Nice diffraction lenses with multi-faceted crystal surface
  • High quality diffraction crystals with balanced weight distribution
  • Compliments very well with rave festival outfits
  • UV400 protection


  • The prism could have been more fractal and impressive
  • Fewer fractal diffractions than more expensive versions
  • Plastic black frame feels cheap

#4 Wormhole Luminescence Rave Diffraction Glasses 

wormhole rave diffraction glasses

The Wormhole Luminescence Rave Diffraction Glasses give off an incredible electric blue when turned on, and it’s ‘wormhole’ like diffraction lenses plunges you into an incredible kaleidoscopic light-show. The very cool thing about the wormhole rave glasses is that, in addition to the exotic blue crystal lenses, it features a very cool blue EL wire going along the curvature of the glasses and into the length of the frame itself, which gives it a very stunning appearance when worn in the dark. It’s perfect for EDM lightshows and looks super fun to wear around. Furthermore, the blue crystal lenses are specifically tinted with a blue hue, giving a distinctive blue diffraction effect that’s just incredible to look at. If you are looking for a pair of glasses to pair with your LED rave outfit, then these are the glasses you should consider getting.


  • One of the coolest illuminated diffraction glasses we’ve seen so far. It’s blue hue provides an unmistakable glow that’s eye catching and fun to play with
  • The ‘wormhole’ kaleidoscope glasses create a well-balanced kaleidoscopic effect that’s neither too intense or too weak
  • Blue luminescence wire stretches the entire frame as a whole piece
  • It really glows in the dark!


  • Requires you to carry a battery pack with a wire that clips on your belt, pants or shirt; runs on 2 AAA batteries. This may be quite annoying especially if you want to get into the body grooves
  • Some may find the blue luminescence a little too glaring in the dark
  • Price a little on the steep range

#5 The Rainbow Fractal Rave Diffraction Glasses by GloFX

crystal rave diffraction glasses

If you are looking for a set of rave glasses that provide insanely cool visuals, try the Rainbow Fractal Rave Diffraction Glass by GloFX. These set of glasses will transform your reality into a multi-dimensional fantasy. This lighter weight model is easier to transport and will stay on your face even when you party hard to the beat of the music. Each frame is hand-crafted and paired with unique crystals for maximum light transmission and carefully affixed with stainless steel hinge with a glossy finish. What is distinctive about these glasses is the range of colors that the crystal lens are designed to produce. When viewed under light, the crystal lenses produces a very classy purple coloration around the centre, which eventually disperses out into a light orange and pink around the sides. We found that these distinctive appearance remained the same whether in the day or at night, giving this set of rave glasses a very characteristic purple/orange flavor. If you are looking for a set of rave glasses that exudes attitude and character, you won’t be disappointed with these.


  • 3 Levels of faceted crystal with clean-cut lines and colorful rainbow fuming
  • Thinner flat back rainbow crystals for greater clarity
  • Epic kaleidoscopic effect
  • Lightweight design makes this easier to transport
  • Hand polished black frame


  • Slightly more expensive than other conventional rave glasses
  • These glasses are more fragile due to 3 separate faceted crystal layers – handle with care
  • Usually out of stock due to overwhelming popularity

#6 The Future Eyes Diamond Rave Glasses

diamond rave glasses

The Future Eyes  Diamond Rave Diffraction Glasses provide trippy vision for your festival lightshows or camera lenses through its beautiful diamond crystal prisms. These glasses are made from precision-cut crystals that can even double up as a camera lens for you to take kaleidoscopic pictures. These glasses are somewhat lacking in rainbow fractal color on the lenses, but provide an extra edge in terms of transparency and clarity. The crystal lenses of this Diamond Rave Glasses are designed to be clear and have little tint on them, which gives a slightly clearer view for ravers. When viewed under light, these glasses diffract white light all around – thus giving it a very distinctive ‘diamond’ like appearance that looks cool. These glasses are built to be extremely durable and solid – and the diamond effect makes these look stunning from all directions.


  • Clear prism glasses made of precision cut crystal glass
  • Prism glass doubles as camera lenses
  • Slightly more transparent for better vision and clarity
  • You won’t feel trippy wear these for extended periods of time


  • Lower diffraction intensity on these lenses
  • Fewer crystal fractals which reduces rainbow effect
  • Less intense kaleidoscopic effect

#7 Sapphire & Magenta Kaleidoscope Rave Glasses

magneto rave glasses

sapphire rave glasses

The Sapphire & Magenta Kaleidoscope rave diffraction glasses are a unique pair of glasses that combines the royal blue Sapphire lenses with elegant Magenta lenses, which gives a very unique 3-D visual stimulation. This creates a visual masterpiece while your eyes merge and separate the multiple color dimensions through the fractal prism crystals. These insanely trippy and psychedelic glasses will transform your rave lightshows into an experience never seen before. The coloration of these glasses are very distinctive – sapphire & magenta colors combine to produce a visual image that just out of this world. Some ravers feel that these glasses are quite difficult to wear around because the two colors actually confuse the field of vision. While these glasses are not exactly the type of glasses you can wear for extended periods of time, they provide short bursts of instant fun when worn at lightshows, creating a visual spectacle that you’d probably never forget.


  • Sapphire & Magenta crystal glass lenses
  • Multicolor geometric tribal frame that’s really hip and cool
  • Hand polished frame
  • 3G effect + Kaleidoscopic effect will guarantee to provide a trippy light experience


  • Trippy and intense kaleidoscopic effect may feel uncomfortable
  • Glass crystals are difficult to see through
  • Slightly more expensive than other rave glasses

#8 GloFX Kaleidoscope Goggles 

rave glasses

These aren’t exactly rave diffraction glasses, but the GloFX Kaleidoscopic goggles look super stunning with its reflective chrome exterior and bright colored lenses that are perfect for raving. For those who don’t like dance and party around in glasses (some of which may be fragile), these rave goggles will provide much needed relief and yet deliver the same stunning visual performance. The advantage about goggles is that they fasten securely to your eyes, so you will never have to worry about them coming off mid-way through the dance party. Furthermore, you can simply take them off and hang them over the neck when you aren’t using them, which makes them easier to carry around (you can just put them on when you feel like it). This makes them more portable and user friendly than traditional rave glasses, and they are lighter to carry around.


  • These rave goggles look pretty badass with their chrome plastic frame
  • Wraps comfortably around your head so you can party hard and never have to worry about these coming off; comes with an adjustable elastic band which is a nice added touch
  • Nice kaleidoscopic effect which feels great
  • High portability and lightweight


  • They aren’t exactly rave glasses
  • Chrome plastic frame feels cheap

#9 The GloVision Blue Ultra Rave Diffraction Glasses

LED rave glasses

The GloVision Ultra LED rave diffraction glasses have an incredible one of a kind design that’s simply unique and fun to wear around. These lenses are built like a tank with high quality plastic and diffraction crystals which are made to withstand wild nights of raving. Not only do these glasses give off a cool luminescent vibe, they come with diffraction lens with kaleidoscopic vision which is perfect for lightshows. Furthermore, the AAA battery compartment holds enough juice to power the glasses for three days straight. For those looking for a more traditional design (something you can wear in the day with the LED function turned off), theses glasses will definitely do the trick. Furthermore, you can always turn on the LED effect at the rave festival whenever you want. The diffraction effect of the lenses also make these super fun to wear around, even though they may look like normal glasses with the LED turned off. As a more traditional version of rave glasses, these come as a nice alternative to the Wormhole rave glasses above.


  • Bright Ultra-Blue LED that glows really well
  • LED lights come in three modes: blinking, sound activated and sensitivity control
  • In-built diffraction lenses for kaleidoscopic and trippy effect


  • Looks like an ordinary pair of glasses during the day
  • Diffraction coating may wear off after repeated use

#10 OPTX Prism Rave Diffraction Glasses 

rave glasses

rave glasses

These old school rave diffraction glasses look perfect for any occasion and are probably the most versatile amongst all the other glasses because they look like plain glasses. If you want something that’s pure and no bullshit – these simple and plain diffraction glasses will do the trick. They look like any ordinary set of glasses in the day – in fact so normal that no one would notice the diffraction lenses. The diffraction effect is not designed to be super intense, which means that you can wear these for extended periods of time throughout the night and your eyes will not feel tired from the diffraction. While this set of glasses may not produce the hype that some ravers want with their rave glasses, they are still very fun to wear and party with, and provide a cheaper option compared to other high end rave crystal glasses.


  • Hands down the most old-fashioned but heavy-duty reliant pair of diffraction rave glasses out there.
  • Excellent build quality with plastic frames that actually feel sturdy
  • Strong diffraction effect for relatively light-weight lenses
  • Doesn’t look weird especially around an older or more ‘mature’ crowd


  • Probably the most ‘plain-jane’ looking diffraction rave glasses. Their discreetness makes them easy to lose
  • Other people like these glasses so much they are prone to theft!

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