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Rave Fluffies – Furry Leg Warmers and Fluffy Boots

Wearing rave fluffies and leg warmers to the festival is the perfect way to add tonnes of vibrant colors to your rave outfit and are plenty of fun to go around. If you have ever wondered what rave fluffies you should consider wearing to a rave, check out these top 10 most elaborate rave fluffies and leg warmers that pack a vibrant punch and are super fun to wear around. You’ll almost certainly receive many compliments just wearing these to the rave, and they look even swankier on the dance floor. Some of these rave fluffies are LED powered too, which makes them look even more awesome and eye-catching as you party through the night to the beat of the music.

#1  Furry Rainbow Leg Warmers

rainbow rave fluffies

If you are looking for something quick and cheap to last for two or three days at the festival, these rainbow rave fluffies are unbeatable. They carry plenty of fun with its vibrant colours and look just as bright and pretty as the picture and they are definitely durable enough to get you through a long night at the EDC. You’ll be an instant hit if you wear these at the party and receive a tonne of compliments just showing these around. These rave fluffie are also super lightweight and comfortable to wear, and feel awesome at a very affordable price. It also comes with a very nice elastic lining on the top which is a nice added touch. If you’re looking for a colourful addition to your rave outfit, these are the rave fluffies you definitely need to get!

#2 Psychedelic Flames Rave Fluffies

flames rave fluffies

The Psychedelic Flames rave fluffies are probably one of the most stunning looking rave fluffies we’ve encountered. The color of these rave fluffies look like flames with its bright neon orange and yellow coloration. It’s made of good quality fluffy faux fur and has tapered legs to comfortably fit over any shoes or boots. It also comes with soft and stretchy lycra leg bands to hold the fluffies in place, which makes partying in these rave fluffies super fun. These flame rave fluffies are probably a good choice if you are pairing these with bright orange/yellow neon rave outfits.

#3 Roma Faux Fur Leg Warmers

rave fluffies

rave fluffiesRoma Costume Women's Faux Fur Leg WarmerRoma Costume Women's Faux Fur Leg WarmerThe Roma Faux Fur Leg Warmers are a special breed of highly versatile and good quality leg warmers that come in various designs to choose from. They are made in the USA and comprise of deluxe quality fur with bright neon colors to spice up your rave outfit. These rave leg warmers also have a white (or black) elastic underneath which matches with the color of the fur, and makes them super comfortable to wear without being scratchy on the bare skin. The fur is of good quality and does not shed after a long night of dancing. They are very good leg warmers that come with exciting and multiple designs to choose from.

#4 Fiery Yellow LED Rave Fluffies

rave fiery yellow fluffies

These fiery yellow LED rave fluffies made specially by Eternity LED Glow are one of the best looking LED rave fluffies that we’ve come across at the festival. They are made of 100% white snowy faux fur and each leg warmer contains 60 LED lights that create a beautiful and strong illumination that you will not forget. These rave fluffies looking simply awesome and stunning at the rave festival and the dance floor. Be prepared for a tonne of compliments if you ever decide to wear these fiery pink rave fluffies to the EDC!

#5 Roma Yin Yang Rave Leg Warmers

yin yang leg warmers

The Roma Yin Yang Rave Leg Warmers are a highly unique pair of leg warmers that look incredibly mesmerising and are fun to wear around. We really liked the Yin Yang design of these leg warmers which made it look stunning and exotic with its two-tone color. They are made of 100% Acrylic and deluxe quality fur, which makes them very comfortable to wear. It’s a genuine Roma product which is made entirely in the USA, so you can be assured that these set of leg warmers will last you for many raves to come!

#6 Neon Rainbow Rave Legwarmers

rainbow leg warmers

These neon rainbow rave legwarmers are absolutely gorgeous and are super fun to look at. They are definitely cute to wear and the colors are bold and bright. The material is of nice quality and fit over the legs without being too tight or stretchy – they are a spandex material so you don’t get the slouchy leg warmer look but they stay in place all day. They are warm and are perfect to wear with boots or shoes to the rave festival – plus the ultra-bright neon colors look super eye-catching and fun to dance with. For just under $6, you don’t want to miss out on these leg warmers.

#7 iHeartRaves Blended Sparkle Rave Fluffies

rave sparkle fluffies

The Blended Sparkle Rave Fluffies by iHeartRaves are one of the best looking and elaborate rave fluffies out there. They are beautiful and pretty to look at with their sparkly design and are very comfortable to wear at the EDC. It’s made of faux fur with satin lining and lycra ties with hearts to top it off. It also fits most leg sizes with its custom elastic tie method and no slip grip – which means you can party though the night without having to adjust them one bit. These rave fluffies now come at a good 13% discount so don’t forget to snap them up if you are heading for the festival!

#8 J. Valentine Women’s Honey Bee Rave Fluffies

honey bee rave furry fluffies

The Honey Bee Rave Fluffies are one of the most unique rave fluffies we’ve ever come across with its stylish honey bee yellow-black coloration design. The honey bee cover is made of 85% Nylon 15% Spandex with a 100% Acrylic trim which gives it added durability – you can expect to party with these rave fluffies for a long time without worrying about shedding. These rave fluffies pair really well with yellow/orange rave costumes which suits the honey bee design. It’s also a genuine J. Valentine product which is made in the USA, which makes it a good dollar for dollar investment in a set of swanky honey bee rave fluffies.

#9 Diva Neon Pink Rave Fluffies

Rave Diva Costume Neon Pink Sexy Furry Fuzzy Leg Warmers

The Diva Neon Pink Rave Fluffies are a pair of amazing rave fluffies that look even better in person. They are actually hot pink as compared to the picture where they look light and are of fantastic quality. They have minimal shedding and the elastic band makes it a one size fits all rave fluffies, which makes them easily compatible with your rave outfit. These rave fluffies are so comfy and fuzzy you’ll bound to receive a tonne of compliments just wearing these babies around. If you are looking to get some fluffies for your rave, do considering getting these hot neon pink rave fluffies by Diva.

#10 Cupid Psychedelic Rave Fluffies

Psychedelic rave leg fluffies

These Cupid Psychedelic Rave Fluffies are one of the highest quality and incredible looking rave fluffies we’ve come across with its neon purple and black color design. The outer furs are neon purple/pink which matches very well with the black cover, giving it one badass psychedelic appearance. They are of nice quality and are made of good faux fur which prevents shedding after countless nights at the EDC or rave festival. It also has soft and stretchy lycra leg bands to hold the fluffies in place and tampered legs to comfortably fit over any shoes or boots. It’s completely hand-made in the USA and are now available for a whopping 30% discount, so be sure to snap this one out before it sells out!

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