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Rave Gear Essentials – 10 Things Every Raver Needs

Raving can awesome experience with the right rave gear – which can be anything from badass rave masks, neon rave shirts to plasma rave shoes. You’ll be surprised at how much fun having the right set of rave gear can add to your rave, plus making you an instant hit at the festival. Here we explore the top 10 things every raver needs to try at least once at the festival – no matter how old or young – these awesome rave gear will definitely make a hell of a difference in making your rave experience a truly unforgettable adventure. Since we only live once, why not indulge in some serious fun?

#1 Neon Rave Clothes

neon rave gear clothes

If you have never worn neon rave clothes to the festival you are missing out on some serious fun. Some of these rave shirts are made of extremely light material which feels super comfortable and luxurious to dance in. The colors on neon rave shirts really pop up, especially the yellow and green neon color that shines very brightly under UV light. Furthermore, these neon rave shirts can also power up under the dark to create an amazing “starfield” effect that looks like a magical piece of apparel. The neon rave shirt seen in the image above comes with a remote that will work with the shirt and has a battery life of approximately 9 hours, so you can be rest assured you will have a shit load of fun partying with it. If you are headed for TomorrowWorld, the neon rave shirt is an indispensable piece of rave gear – you will be an instant hit at the festival, and will definitely receive a tonne of compliments just wearing this rave outfit. The changing color is all over the top and simply magnificent. If you are headed for the festival, don’t forget to try on a neon rave shirt – you’ll be surprised at what a difference this stunning piece of rave gear will make as you dance to the beat of the music.

#2 Rave Glow Sticks

rave glow sticks

Raving is a chance to let it all out but it isn’t complete without  bringing a set of funky glow sticks to add to the fun! These super long 16” soft foam light sticks are fitted with ultra-bright LEDs (red, green and blue) with up to six lighting options, including a multicolored flashing sequence, a color-changing sequence and a single-color flashing sequence. They are plenty of fun to spin and are relatively sturdy to hold, so they will last through multiple nights at the rave festival. The fun thing about these rave glow sticks is that you can create visually stunning patterns as you dance through the night – coupled with LED neon rave shirts or rave face paint, you’ll be transformed into one badass raving machine. Rave glow sticks are a definitely must have piece of rave gear at the festival so make sure you bring them along to the festival.

rave gear

rave gearAnother piece of amazing rave gear to bring to the festival are of course glow bracelets. The great thing about these LED bracelets is that they are super cheap, relatively easy to wear and are super lightweight, which means they can stay on your wrists for the entire night without you feeling any discomfort whatsoever. Furthermore, they are simple to use and hassle free. The colors on these rave glow bracelets are bright and pure, and the light output is adequately bright for the entire night! They come in with a multiple selection of colors from pink, green, blue, yellow and orange. This packet of glow bracelets also includes over 100 connectors for you to further customize how your rave bracelet will work, which means you have plenty of options to configure their stunning appearance. You definitely don’t want to miss out on these awesome rave gear.

#3 Rave Bandanas

Rave Bandana Rave Gear

rave bandana rave gearIf you have never heard of what a “rave bandana” is, they are basically super funky pieces of cloth that you wrap around your neck and mouth which gives a super stunning badass appearance. Some of these rave bandanas come in multiple colored designs, including the space galaxy design or fiery flame design which are really exciting and fun to wear around. These rave bandanas also come as a very nice alternative to rave masks – which can get quite heavy and weigh you down as you dance to the beat of the music. Rave bandanas are super lightweight because they are made of 100% polyester microfiber and feel super comfortable around your neck – plus their all over print and neon rave design will transform this underrated piece of rave gear into a fashion statement. You won’t regret checking these out!

#4 Rave Pills

Rave On Rave GearRave Aid Rave Gear




Rave pills (not drugs) are an absolute must have at every rave festival. If you are thinking of spending a few days at the festival or EDC, you must bring rave pills to refresh and energise yourself to avoid festival hang overs. They are probably the single most important piece of rave gear you will ever need. Standing on your feet all day in the sun partying to your favourite music is actually a really tiring experience, but with ‘Rave On’, you’ll have a speedy recovery and be able to keep your immune system in tact. You will feel revived and full of energy each day, so you can make the most of the next to party hard again. RaveOn has definitely helped us to survive through numerous weekend long festivals such as Bear Creek, Bonnaroo, and Ultra. There have been plenty of times when we woke up on a Sunday wondering how we could possible be feeling so good and the only answer is that we take these rave pills before going to sleep Long gone are the days of waking up sick after spending the weekened at the festival – after just using it once you will never go without taking it again!

#5 Rave Face Paint

rave gear face paint

If you have never tried on rave face paint that glows violently bright under UV light, it’s high time that you try these on NOW. It’s one of the best rave gear to have at the EDC and come equipped with multiple bottles of rave face paint. Not only do they make your raving experience one heck of a lightshow, they also pack plenty of fun with the myriad of color combinations you can actually make on your body. Here are some examples of amazing rave face paint patterns we’ve seen in 2015. Not only did these glow really nicely and brightly, you can customize the design easily with just regular paint brushes – and it looks good with and without the glow lights.

rave face paint rave gear

Furthermore, these rave face paint comes off easily with soap and water without any scrubbing. If you are headed for the EDC, try these rave face paint now. They are the ultimate rave gear for LED combinations – it’s perfect for EDC which you absolutely must try for an incredible experience.

#6 Rave Hat

rave gear

Rave hats are one of the most awesome pieces of rave gear you can bring along to the rave with their incredibly funk and cool design. These LED rave hats are something of a novelty, with their ‘Rage’ LED words imprinted on the back of the hat which gives it a stunning glow appearance. The hat is one-size fits all with an adjustable strap, and the RAGE logo is outlined with an electro-luminescent wire which gives it a ultra-bright glow and a stunning appearance. These rave hats takes 1 AAA battery and lasts 12 hours per set of batteries. It also features 3 light modes – on, off and blinking. This awesome hat is one piece of rave gear you must definitely get. You’ll receive a tonne of positive compliments from people seeing such an incredibly stunning hat – you will really get lots of attention and so many people will even offer to buy it from you. We wore this hat and it was a huge hit at the Sunset Music Festival 2015 in Tampa. This is definitely worth wearing to future EDM music festivals.

#7 Rave Fluffies

rave gear

rave fluffies rave gear

Rave fluffies are extremely fun to wear and make such a difference at rave festival. They come in multiple rainbow colors and look amazing – if you are looking for something that will last for plenty of raves, these rave fluffies are definitely the set of rave gear you should have. They look just as bright and pretty in the pictures (or maybe even better in real life), and they are made of a highly durable material to get through a long night at the EDC. These rave gear are super fun and pretty, and come at a very affordable price which is an added plus. Furthermore, these rave fluffies are super comfortable and lined with a silky material which allows them to hang off your calf with some weight as well as provide a non-itchy sensation, which was nothing short of amazing. All in all, if you haven’t tried rave fluffies at the festival you are really missing out on some serious fun – so do not hesitate to get these amazing pieces of rave gear. If you think you had been having fun without ever trying on rave fluffies, you will be in for a shocking surprise at how much more fun you can get wearing these!

#8 Rave Gloves

rave gear

rave gearOne rave gear you should never ever miss out is a pair of awesome rave gloves. Not only do these gloves get the ability to program from 20 amazing colors and the strobe settings, these gloves are freaking bright at the fingertips which make them super awesome to wear around. It also comes at a super affordable price, and are great for people who know they love gloving but don’t have the bank to spend 100+ bucks for a set. Be sure to get a pair of good quality gloves otherwise they will feel fragile and a little bulky – the best rave gloves don’t feel bulky at all and are super comfortable and gentle on the hands. Their stunning appearance, and high quality feeling lights, makes them the perfect set of rave gear to bring to the festival. They are also very easily programmable – simply push each microlight to the end of each fingertip of your white gloves and press a button to turn it on. You can use this function to cycle through and select your blinking modes. You’ll be dazzled with how easy you can create lightshows in the air by just waving these around, which gives an incredible stunning appearance as you dance to the beat of the music at the rave festival.

#9 Rave Glasses

rave glasses rave gear

Rave glasses are a unique set of rave gear that are made for that amazing diffraction and trippy effect as you put them on. These glasses enable literally an infinite number of visual sensations through a unique multi-faceted glass crystal. The rainbow infused glass lenses will make your eyes perform optical aerobics while you swim through a galaxy of polychromatic color. These are the Kaleidoscopic rave glasses that will add a blast of color to your lightshows and let your eyes erupt into rainbow patterns never seen before.

rave glasses rave gear

Apart from the amazing trippy diffraction effect these rave glasses produce, they also look incredibly awesome. It uses limited edition real glass crystals to carve out the perfect crystal lens that looks just awesome and unique. These glasses also feature a unique crown frame with black accents, and are made with an intense rainbow kaleidoscopic effect. If you go to rave festivals with lots of lights, these glasses are must-have rave gear to enhance your experience. These lenses are also built to survive lots of stress, so you can be rest assured they will definitely last through multiple raves without even showing signs of fatigue. You will definitely get a tonne of compliments wearing these around and lots of fascinated ravers asking to borrow them from you, so be careful!

#10 Kandi Bracelets

kandi bracelets rave gear

Rave Bracelets rave gear

You cannot say you have been to a rave without ever trying on some kandi! These kandi bracelets are the perfect set of rave gear to bring to the festival. They look super stunning to wear around and come in all sorts of creative designs and colors too, which make them plenty of fun. You could even get a set of kandi beads to customise and build your own kandi bracelet yourself, which doubles the fun! If you have never tried wearing these awesome kandi bracelets, the time has come for you to start making your own or to get one of these limited edition uniquely designed set of kandi bracelets. They are one of the best rave gear that every raver needs to try at least once – you’ll be surprised at how much fun these can actually be to wear around the festival.

rave gearrave gear

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