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Rave Glasses – Diffraction Glasses and Rave Party Shades

There are few glasses out there that can match the look of these amazing rave glasses. Not only do these rave glasses look funky, exotic and seriously badass, they’ll instantly transform your world into one heck of a dazzling lightshow. Wearing these at the rave is a good way to make you an instant hit. Plus, the diffraction prism glass attached to the glasses reflect light in many different colours, making them super fun to wear as you dance to the beat of the music. They will instantly transform your rave lightshow into a dazzling world of kaleidoscopic chaos.

Rave Glasses

Here are the top 10 rave glasses for sale that we have found this season – if you have not tried out these awesome rave glasses you are missing out on some serious fun and excitement.  These glasses have a high quality build and material construction and are designed to be extremely durable, so you can rave the entire night in these glasses without having to worry about them.  They are also designed to be lightweight, which makes dancing in them pretty awesome too. You can expect to have a ridiculous amount of fun while wearing these rave glasses – they instantly transform your world into a kaleidoscope of colourful sights. Plus, they look simply awesome from the outside and will capture the attention of all those groovy ravers around you. These rave glasses work perfectly in light shows as you get instantly transported into a world of bursting colours and kaleidoscopes. It is hands-down an otherworldly experience that you MUST experience for yourself.

The great thing about wearing these rave glasses is that they pair extremely well with rave outfits, such as rave tank tops, rave bras, rave shoes and other LED rave accessories. They are very versatile glasses and can also be used at disco parties and the like. These glasses are handmade and are of super high quality with full crystal prism vision, so handle them with care! The downside to these glasses is that they can crack if dropped, so be careful not to dance too hard and lose control of your glasses!

If you are looking for some serious fun at your next rave festival, then these awesome rave glasses for sale are a definite must try. You will be stunned by what a world of difference these rave glasses make as you rave on the dance-floor. They look incredibly amazing too.

#1 GloFX Floral Cat Eye Rave Glasses

  • *Limited Edition*
  • Real Glass Crystals
  • Vintage Cat Eye Style Frame
  • Rainbow Lenses with “Fractal” Style Cut
  • Handcrafted in the USA

raver pants

#2 GloFX White Cat Eye Rave Glasses

  • *Limited Edition*
  • Real Glass Crystals
  • Vintage Cat Eye Style Frame
  • Rainbow Lenses with “Fractal” Style Cut
  • Handcrafted in the USA

raver pants

#3 EmazingLights Kaleidoscope Firework Rave Glasses

Rave Glasses

  • Composite frame
  • Glass lens
  • Non-Polarized
  • Lens width: 55 mm
  • Made with real glass
  • Handmade
  • High quality glass lenses

raver pants

#4 JEBSENS El Wire Rave Glasses

  • These rave glasses come with a black frame and clear lens so they are perfect for night time.
  • Our 3-mode battery pack uses 2AA batteries, giving you 8-24 hours of light per set of batteries!
  • The side of the glasses have an Electric Styles logo, which means it comes with our 60 day warranty.
  • The battery pack can be put inside your pocket or clipped to your pants/shorts.
  • Don’t buy cheap knockoffs that use 2 watch batteries. They often only last 15 minutes before dying!

raver pants

#5 GloFX Black Kaleidoscopic Rave Glasses

GloFX Black Kaleidoscope Glasses- Rainbow Rave Prism Diffraction

  • Real Glass Crystals
  • Rainbow Kaleidoscope Lenses
  • Handcrafted in Florida, USA
  • Intense Kaleidoscopic Effect
  • FREE Lanyard Strap & Cleaning Case Included

raver pants

#6 ZeroUV Emerald Rave Glasses

Emerald Rave Glasses 2 Emerald Rave Glasses

  • Plastic frame
  • Plastic lens
  • non-polarized
  • Lens width: 53 mm
  • Lens height: 53 mm
  • Bridge: 20 mm
  • 100% Protection Against Harmful UVA/UVB Rays

raver pants

#7 Rainbow OPTX Rave Glasses

Rave Glasses 2

rave glasses

  • #1 Reviewed Diffraction Glasses!
  • Super Intense Diffraction Grating Lenses
  • Best Quality Durable Plastic Frames
  • Cool Looking Rainbow OPTX Logo
  • Matte Black Looks The Coolest!
raver pants
 #8 EmazingLights 2-Color LED Rave Glasses
LED Rave Glasses 1 LED Rave Glasses
  • composite frame
  • composite lens
  • non-polarized
  • Lens width: 55 mm
  • Clear Frames
  • 3 Modes: Hyper Blink, Slow Blink, and Solid
  • Requires 2 AA Batteries

raver pants

#9 Light Up EL Wire Rave Glasses

  • Green EL Wire Sunglasses
  • Battery Powered Green Illuminated Wayfarer Black Frame
  • Regular Tinted Sunglass Lenses
  • 3-Mode Inverter with Sound Activation Mode
  • Batteries Included (2 AAA)
raver pants
#10 GloFX Ultimate Kaleidoscope Rave Glasses
GloFX Ultimate Kaleidoscope Glasses - Black - Rainbow EDM Rave Light Diffraction Eyewear (Black)
  • #1 Best Selling Kaleidoscope Glasses
  • Edge Cut REAL GLASS Crystal Lenses with Rainbow Spectrum Technology (RST)
  • Water Resistant Ultimate True-Flex PVC Frame
  • Microfiber Cleaning Case Included
  • Designed and Manufactured Exclusively by GloFX, Assembled in the USA

raver pants

#11 EDM Plug GloVision Rave Glasses

  • High quality materials, strong, flexible frame, legs are not wobbly and loose like competitors glasses. Clear lenses so that seeing during a night time event is no problem!
  • Extremely bright EL Wire, the best EL wire on the market!
  • Comes with 4 AAA batteries(2 full sets) so that you can keep rocking in your classy light up glasses!
  • Battery pack reaches to your front or back pocket for maximum comfort!
  • Waterproof glasses, 3 mode battery pack – on, blinking, SOUND ACTIVATED!

raver pants

#12 GloVision EL Wire Double Rave Glasses

EL Wire Rave Glasses EL Wire Rave Glasses 2

raver pants

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