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Rave Shirts for Guys – Men’s Apparel and EDM Rave Clothing

If you’re a guy looking for some rave shirts that look really cool and not overly hyped, here are some interesting designs to consider wearing to the rave festival. These rave shirts for guys look sick and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd, and also serve as an excellent conversation piece. Here are the top rave shirts for guys that are a definite must try if you want to party in style.

Galaxy Universe Rave Shirt 

The colors on this rave shirt look striking and bold, yet produce a fine contrast between the purpoe, pink and yellow edges that gives this shirt character and plenty of cool vibes. We really liked the artwork on this one; you can wear this on a daily basis and it still looks super cool!

Emazing Lights DJ Sound Activated Light Up Rave Shirt

rave shirts for guys

rave shirts for guys

This rave shirt features a DJ Dank Head and a sound panel which is powered by an EL lighting panel, which gives it a really cool appearance (especially when the colors on the shirt change). The shirt itself has an inner sleeve for the wiring to run through as well as a pocket to hold the inverter. The light and the logo is extremely bright and visible in the dark. There is no variation in the levels of the equalizers: the bars raise the same way every time, but they do it in a natural way. This rave shirt also features a sound sensitivity slider, which is a nice added touch. This is simply one of the best rave shirts for guys in terms of the design and lighting.

iHeartRaves Unicorn Rave Shirt

Unicorn Rave Shirt

This unicorn rave shirt looks simply stunning with the glowing unicorn logo design that’s colourful and has some serious vibes to it. We really liked the contrast between the bright unicorn logo and the sound activated illuminating panel – the coloration contrast is actually what makes this rave shirt stand out from the crowd. The sound activated illuminating panel turns into life to the beat of the music, producing ultra-cool patterns that are very funky to dance in. If you’re planning to get one sick looking rave shirt that will definitely capture the attention of your audience, this shirt is your answer.

INTO THE AM Space Vandal Rave Shirt

rave shirts for guys

The Space Vandal Rave Shirt features a really cool astronaut spraying paint the an upward fashion, giving this shirt an exotic vibe. The design incorporates premium ultra-bright ink to make this shirt stand out really well. It’s slightly more pricey than the rest of the other rave shirts, but the quality of the material (100% cotton) means that it will feel super comfortable and last you a long time. The design looks great too – and will definitely make a great addition to your collection of rave apparel.

Lightning Storm Rave Shirt

Lightning Storm Rave Shirt

This is probably one of the funkiest rave shirt for guys that we’ve encountered so far. We really liked the lightning effect that gives this shirt an incredible appeal from any angle, as well as the light blue/purple hues which contrast very well. The lightning effect of this rave shirt for guys is really cool and has plenty of insane party vibes to it. If you can snap up one of these you definitely be at the centre of attention in the crowd without much effort.

INTO THE AM Polygon Owl Men’s Rave Shirt

rave shirts for guys

The Polygon Owl Rave Shirt is another great looking men’s rave shirt by INTO THE AM. We really liked the ultra-vibrant graphic print: the owl is very uniquely designed and is created through the combination of many polygon shapes, which gives this shirt plenty of festive vibes. You can also wear this shirt for everyday use – it looks great either way, whether at the rave festival or just casual outdoors. This rave shirt is made of 100% cotton for added comfort.

INTO THE AM AstroBlaster Men’s Rave Shirt

rave shirts for guys

Another awesome shirt by INTO THE ATM, the AstroBlaster rave shirt features an astronaut carrying a radio in deep vibrant colors that give this shirt plenty of raver vibes. It’s color contrast is perfect, and looks even better in real life than in the picture. It’s made of 100% cotton so you’d also feel super comfortable wearing this shirt; it’s also machine washable. We really liked the design on this one – the groovy patterns and color strobes that spread across the shirt, the radio/astronaut picture which stands out in contrast to the background coloring. This is probably one of the better looking rave shirts for guys out there that you can find in the market now.

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