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Sick Rave Accessories You Must See to Believe

If you have ever wondered what are the sickest rave accessories you can ever bring to a rave, here’s the top 5 items we’ve encountered that will truly blow your mind away with its incredible and stunning appearance.

#1 The LED Multicolour Hula Hoop 

This sick rave accessory is the most advanced smart hoop in the world (and by smart we mean highly programmable) that is designed for professional ravers and festival performers. Its great for festivals, performances, events, hoop jams and is capable of creating illustrious patterns that you’ve never dreamed you were capable of. It is easily programmable and customizable – with 200 pre-made patterns for endless possibilities. You can create and design a new look for your hoop. It’s also extremely lightweight, durable with OD PolyPro Tubing and even foldable for easy transportation. The hoop is also tested in US laboratories to ensure professional standards. The price? A whooping $429.95 US dollars! You can read more about this jaw-dropping hoop here.

Rave Accessories

#2 Fiber Optic Whip by Ants on a Melon 

This fiber optic rave accessory is hands down the coolest glowing prop you’ll ever see and probably never get bored of. It has tonnes of colour patterns that produces a rainfall of flashes in the dark that is incredibly eye-catching. This whip is used by professional go-go girls to create dazzling lightshows but even those with no experience can pick it up and make it look cool just by fiddling around with it for a few minutes. You will almost definitely get a tonne of compliments and excitement around you once you power up this whip. It features 27 colour modes and also as a lifetime warranty to it by Ants on a Melon, which is a nice add-on. If you’re serious about raving in style, then you should definitely get serious with these incredible fiber optic whips.

Rave Accessories

#3 Designer LED Sporty Sneakers

These designer sneakers are probably none like anything you’ve seen before, featuring an incredible LED glow that makes you look like walking on laser. You have to see these shoes in person to believe how incredible they look when switched on. The shoes give a fantastic LED light and a total of 7 colours are available, making it one of the most versatile LED sneakers on the market. It also has a built in rechargeable battery (2 -3 hours charge can keep the shoe lighted for up to 8 – 10 hours). These sick sneakers are highly durable and are super fun to wear outdoors or to the rave party.

Rave Accessories

#4 The GloVision Light Up Prism Glasses 

These double diffraction prism glasses are well and truly one of those sick rave accessories that you’ll never forget. It’s stunning appearance and incredibly bright EL wire make for a seriously fun pair of glasses to wear to the rave. It’s made of a durable plastic frame which hides the wiring and battery compartments well, and is designed to withstand even the wildest nights of raving. The manufacturers of these glasses were so confident that they even took it to the test at EDC Las Vegas 2013 – they battery compartment had enough juice to power the glasses through all three days of the festival. The seriously cool feature that these glasses have is sound activation – it blinks along to the thump of the bass using an accurate sound sensor. Rave glasses are a becoming an increasingly popular commodity but these double diffraction prism glasses are built simply to beat the competition.

Rave Accessories

#5 The Purple EL Wire Cyber Punk Rave Mask

We’ve  featured this product on Raveswear some time ago and is always out of stock – and for good reason. It’s one of the most badass and popular rave accessories you’ll ever see, with its groovy EL wires, black frame and sick metallic spikes. The mask is very comfortable to wear and soft on the face, which gives plenty of breathing room. It gives off a dark electrostatic purple glow that you’ll remember for life. This mask is hands down one of the sickest rave masks that you can find and wear to the rave.

rave accessories mask

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