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The 15 Most Outrageous Rave Shoes worn by Ravers

If you have ever wondered what kind of rave shoes will make you stand out at the rave festival, you’d definitely be in for a surprise with these top 15 most outrageous rave shoes ever worn by ravers. There are plenty of hype around rave shoe designs out there but none of them can match these 15 outrageous rave shoes that we have come across that are super unique, exotic and incredibly fun to look at. These rave shoes are absolute trumps in terms of stylish design and comfort and come in splash rainbow color, fashionable LED sneakers and more that are perfect for electronic dance music. These rave shoes range from super stunning LED rave sneakers (these make you seem as though you walking on laser beams), designer rave creepers, camel boot designs, galactic converse to exotic running shoes that will instantly transform your feet into a  swanky dance machine. We’ve also featured a pair of galactic glow-in-the-dark rave shoes that are just amazing to look at and fun to dance with to the beat of the music.

Other incredibly stunning rave shoe designs include crazy hip-hop, stunning comic and skull shoe designs, star wars converse, ultra-bright neon sneakers, LED rave shoes and even color-splash running shoes that are awesome and fun to wear around. These gorgeous rave shoes also match incredibly well with our LED shoelaces, rave fluffies, LED rave accessories and rave apparel on the go. Each pair of rave shoes is hand-painted and made of durable materials that are tailored to last you through multiple raves at a time. Be sure to snap up some of these limited edition rave shoes before the festival!

Be sure to also check out our collection of limited edition rave masks, rave shirts for men, rave diffraction glasses and stunning rave gloves that pair well with these designer shoes to create the ultimate rave outfit.

1. Funky Ultra-Luminous Rave Sneakers

ultra luminous rave shoes

iron fist shoes for ravers

2. DC Comics Joker Rave Shoes

Joker Rave Shoes Joker Rave Shoes 2

iron fist shoes for ravers

3. Marvel Comics Rave Converse

Marvel Rave Converse Marvel Rave Converse Hulk

rave converse shoes

4. Ultra-Bright LED Rave Shoes

rave LED shoes

rave converse shoes

5. ASICS Gel Noosa Rave Running Shoes

rave shoes

rave shoesrunning rave shoesrunning rave shoes

raver shoes

6. Camel Gogo Boots

rave shoes

rave shoes

raver pants

7. Comic Book Strip Rave Boots

rave shoes

rave shoes

raver pants

8. Gotta Flurt Hip Hop Shoes

rave hip hop shoes

rave gotta flurt shoes

rave hip hop shoes

9. Rainbow Roses Canvas Rave Sneakers

Rainbow Roses Rave Sneakers

rave sneakers

10. Fashion Thirsty Chunky Rave Platform Shoes

Fashion Thirsty Womens Chunky Gladiator Strappy Sandals Wedges Platform Shoes Size 8

Fashion Thirsty Rave Platform Shoes

rave flats

11. Rainbow Cheetah Heeled Rave Boots

rave cheetah shoes

rave cheetah shoes

12. Iridescent Drips Rave Creepers

rave creeper shoes

rave drip shoes

13. LED Rave Sports Shoes 

star wars rave canvas shoes

14. YRU Qozmo Rainbo

rave qozmo shoes

raver shoes

15. AnnabelZ LED Rave Shoes

Gold Rave Shoes 1

Gold Rave Shoesraver shoes

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