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The Top 10 Kandi Bracelets for Sale

Wearing kandi bracelets to the rave festival can be plenty of fun, considering how popular it is with the kandi ravers and kandi fans. The great thing about kandi is that they come in literally thousands of different colors and designs to choose from, which gives you plenty of selection when it comes to choosing the kandi bracelet that fits you. Among the thousands of kandi bracelets we’ve encountered so far, here are the top 10 kandi bracelets for sale that are super awesome and stand out for their exotic and awesome designs – not to mention they come mostly at a discounted price too this season! If you are a fan of all things kandi these bracelets are definitely something you will love.

#1 The Winnie the Pooh Tigger Kandi Bracelet

tiger kandi bracelets
We really liked the unique design of this kandi bracelet -the Tigger kandi bracelet looks super cute with its blend of blue, orange and yellow to give the ‘Tigger’ impression from Winnie the Pooh. The overall facial features of Tigger looks very well articulated with shades of orange, yellow and black. Furthermore, we really liked the pink dot right in the centre of the face which looked really cute! The bright blue kandi beads which formed the majority of the kandi bracelet looked really shiny under sunlight and looked really exciting and hip to wear around! If you love kandi and Whinnie the Pooh, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

#2 The Pokemon Kandi Bracelet

pokemon kandi bracelets

This Pokemon Kandi Bracelet speaks for itself. It’s a really exotic and cool looking kandi bracelet that’s a must have for Pokemon fans. We really liked the use of color in this one – the yellow kandi beads depicting Pikachu looked really nice, with white and black beads to make each individual eye. The shape of Pikachu with his two lightning ears gave this kandi bracelet a special flare and unique vibe when worn the festival. We also liked the two red cheeks at the sides which provided a very nice contrast with the yellow kandi beads, and giving extra punch to the Pikachu design. If you are a fan of Pokemon, this super-hot Pikachu kandi bracelet is something you really want to snap out before it sells out! Unfortunately, this kandi bracelet is so popular that it’s sold out at the time of writing.

#3 The Super Mario Kandi Bracelet

Super Mario Kandi Bracelets

The limited edition Super Mario Kandi Bracelet is one of the best looking kandi bracelets out there and depicts the colors and design of Super Mario very well. For Super Mario fans, the design here is extremely well crafted and handmade. We really liked how you could see Super Mario’s entire face and characteristic red outfit, which looks awesome and detailed in every way. The use of black kandi beads to outline the design gives it nice shape and form. Imagine wearing two of these Super Mario kandi bracelets on your wrists to the rave festival! You will definitely be an instant hit and many people will even offer to buy or trade these kandi bracelets with you. Fans of the Super Mario video game series will definitely fall in love with these bracelets. There are only a few left in stock for these bracelets so be sure to snap them out before they sell out!

#4 The Deadmau5 (aka “deadmouse”) Kandi Bracelets

Deadmau5 Kandi BraceletsCute Deadmouse Kandi Bracelets

For fans of Zimmerman’s work, the Deadmau5 logo which he created appears in many different colors and designs, and has been shown on the cover of most of Zimmerman’s albums. He was given the idea to wear a headdress based on the logo by one of his friends, Jay Gordon of the industrial metal band Orgy. Zimmerman said that he wants his logo to be an “icon” and fans often attend deadmau5 concerts sporting their own copy the mau5head. If you are a fan of Zimmerman’s electronic music, you would probably love to the dance to the beat of the music with these amazing Deadmau 5 kandi bracelets which depicts the Deadmau5 logo very well. Not only does the design look good, it’s actually quite large over the writs and are super fun to wear around. There are two different designs here to choose from, the red-black design or the pink-red kandi bracelet which looked really cute. The combination of both makes for an eye-catching kandi masterpiece!

#5 Glow in the Dark Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Kandi Bracelet

Teenage Mutant Ninja Kandi BraceletsGlow Teenage Mutant Ninji Kandi Bracelets

The glow in the dark teenage mutant ninja turtle kandi bracelet is a really cool looking bracelet that gives off a bluish green glow at night. In the day, this kandi bracelet looks super awesome with its smiling ninja turtle face with the blue kandi beads over the eyes. This gives the kandi bracelet a super realistic rendition of the ninja turtle design which is just awesome and cool. Furthermore, the green and blue kandi beads contrast really well with the white-translucent design of the kandi bracelet, giving it a really cool vibe. We really liked how the kandi bracelet was semi-translucent which sets it apart from the more “solid” versions of kandi bracelets. Furthermore, the entire bracelet glows in the dark at night, and looks even better than in the picture because you can really see the separation of glowing colors in the dark. We thought that overall, this is a really cool kandi bracelet to bring to the rave festival and partying with it is just plenty of fun!

#6 The Bart Simpson Kandi Bracelet

art Simpson Kandi Bracelets

We really liked the limited edition Bart Simpson kandi bracelet for its super exotic and unique appearance. It’s also a very nice rendition of the actual Bart Simpson with its characteristic yellow color head, white eyes and red shirt. The blue kandi beads used to contrast the rest of the bracelet also make it look really eye-catching, and this kandi bracelet has an overall appearance that’s easily recognisable by anyone. This is one kandi bracelet that’s relatively difficult to find because it is often sold out. If you are a fan of kandi and like watching Bart Simpson, you could consider making your own Bart Simpson kandi bracelet with your very own design! We touch on using high quality kandi beads to make your very own bracelet below.

#7 The Owl Kandi Bracelet

Owl Kandi Bracelets

The Owl Kandi Bracelet is a very cool and exotic looking kandi bracelet that is plenty of fun to wear around. The owl design has plenty of attitude and vibes – with is purple outlay, blue features and white eyes. It’s the perfect start to your EDC and is made of high quality kandi beads that provide a perfect fit. We really loved how this owl kandi bracelet looked super eye-catching with its stunning purple coloration, white eyes and blue mouth, with the two orange feet. It looks super awesome in real life and the white kandi beads really put a nice contrast to the design of this bracelet. If you are looking for something fun to wear that looks really neat and are headed for the Ultra music festival, your friends will find this owl kandi bracelet irresistibly cute.

#8 The Powerpuff Girls Kandi Bracelet

buttercup Kandi Bracelets

The limited edition powerpuff girls kandi bracelet is an awesome looking piece of kandi that’s super well-made and fabulously designed. This particular powerpuff girl is Buttercup with her characteristic green eyes and black hair. The kandi bracelet really depicts her appearance really well with the Buttercup face on the bracelet itself. Furthermore, the yellow kandi beads around the bracelet look amazing and glow brightly under UV light, which gives it a very distinctive appearance and are very fun to party with. What we really liked about this design was the uniqueness of the Buttercup design – there’s probably nothing like this selling in the market right now. If you are a fan of powerpuff girls you will seriously love these kandi bracelets!

#9 Toy Story Little Green Men Kandi Bracelet

Toy Story Kandi Bracelets

The limited edition Little Green Men kandi bracelet is one of the coolest looking kand bracelets out there, depicting the Little Green Men from the Toy Story series. These Squeeze Toy Aliens (a.k.a. Little Green Men) are supporting characters in the Disney/Pixar Toy Story franchise and its Buzz lightyear TV series and movie. They have a characteristic slender, bulky green “plastic” skin, three eyes and point ears, with antennaes on their heads. We really liked how nicely done the Green Men design on these kandi bracelets were – with their green alien head with three white eyes, single mouth and antennae on the head. Furthermore, the background blue color of the kandi beads contrasts really well with the Green Alien design which gives it a stunning appearance. Fans of the Toy Story series will definitely love these!

#10 The Superman Kandi Bracelet

Superman Kandi Bracelets

The Superman Kandi Bracelet looks incredible with a very nice red ‘S’ shape superman design crafted right in the centre of the bracelet and with its yellow background to create the perfect superman logo. We really liked how well this bracelet looked from afar when wearing it at the festival – it looks exactly like a superman ‘S’ and the blue background kandi beads provided a very neat contrast which brings out the color of the superman ‘S’ logo (we suspect that the blue also has something to do with superman’s characteristic suit). All in all, it’s a very cute rendition of the superman logo on the kandi bracelet and is an awesome accessory to have at the rave festival. Fans of superman will definitely love to trade their kandi for this bracelet! Unfortunately, this kandi bracelet is also sold out at the time of writing, so be sure to check but for more updates!

Make your own Kandi Bracelet!!

Kandi Bracelets Beads

If you haven’t found what you are looking for above, you don’t have to worry because you can actually make your very own kandi bracelets using these high quality kandi beads! Each package contains approximately 2300 plastic pony beads which are neon colored to give the best coloration and stunning look when transformed into rave masks or kandi bracelets. Furthermore, these kandi beads come with 20 different colors to choose from giving you tonne of customization options so that you can build your very own kandi bracelets in any design and style you want! Wearing your very own kandi bracelet to the rave festival is seriously fun and you can even trade your kandi with others to spread the love – plus, you can get really creative with these and come up with exciting designs that you love, which will definitely enhance your raving experience! If you have never tried making your very own kandi bracelet, you are definitely missing out on some serious fun.

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