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The Top 10 Rave Face Paint Patterns of 2015

If you have ever wondered how ravers with UV painted faces look like in the dark, well here’s the top 10 rave face paint patterns of 2015 that we thought look hands down awesome. Their stunning appearance out shine the rest for their incredible attention to detail and exotic design – not to mention how artistic these neon rave face paint patterns actually are. The blend of solid, fine crystalline colors comes together in perfect harmony to create a visual masterpiece that nobody would ever forget in a long time.

1. Lonely Flower

Rave Face Paint 8

This rave face paint pattern looks utterly incredible, with great dashes of dark and light blue hues combined with pink neon flowers on the chest and the face to give a stunning contrast. The Lonely Flower is pure beauty in simplicity.

2. Secret Galaxy  

Rave Face Paint

Flashes of pink, yellow and purple to give a blend of colors that just makes sense when contrasted with the red neon hair. We really liked the additional bright purple spots on the face that gives it a kind of galactic look, as if there were multiple stars painted on the face. Strangely enough, we find beauty staring into the chaos of the Secret Galaxy.

3. Fiery Inferno  

Rave Face Paint

The flaming effect of this rave face paint pattern looks super stunning – not to mention that the flaming pattern covers the entire upper half of the body. We really liked how the shades and curves of bright and dark orange come together so well to create a flaming effect. The blue neon hair gives a cool blue hue to the flaming body. Ravers will love the Fiery Inferno for its simple yet fearsome pattern that just super eye-catching.

4. The Enlightened One 

Rave Face Paint

The Enlightened One rave face paint pattern is testament to the fact that dashes of pure red and green can come together to create one solid masterpiece. Notice the enlightened eye at the center of the forehead with the blend of red and green stripes replicating the ancient Indus Valley civilization design. The curves on the face, neck and body are particularly well done and well contrasted to create such a vibrant masterpiece.

5. Blessed Eye  

Rave Face Paint

Notice how the orange ‘blessed eye’ contrasts with the deep blue painted background, with a sprinkling of green and red around the face. The orange color of the blessed eye is meticulously painted around the circumference with strokes pointing outwards, replicating the surface of a blazing sun. Probably one of the best UV paint eye designs we’ve ever seen in a long while.

6. Flaming Tamingo 

Rave Face Paint

Who’d knew that a few dashes of orange and dotted lines could create a masterpiece! The Flaming Tamingo glows extremely bright under neon UV light to give an appearance that any raver would never forget. It looks simple yet sophisticated – there is a level of abstraction in the shades of orange that make this rave face paint pattern truly stand out. The dotted lines around the circumference and through the centre of the face are sublimely well done – with an almost even spacing in between all the dots.

7. Majestic Butterfly 

Rave Face Paint 9

The Majestic butterfly combines deep shades of orange, blue and light purple colorations to form the wings of a butterfly around the eyes. We really liked how simplistic the design was, as well as the depth of color displayed. The eye lashes are particularly singled out for praise – the dark orange/black lashes contrast very well with the light yellow to give a majestic butterfly appearance. The LED light balls on the hair is a nice added touch too.

8. The Forgotten 

Rave Face Paint 1

The design of The Forgotten is really intriguing and makes the raver look like he is wearing a mask and peering through his inner eyes. The contrast between the red, green and blue overlay are particularly well done. Notice the attention to detail around the eyes with darker shades of green and blue to create such an amazing contrast.

9. Galactic Tribute 

Rave Face Paint 2

The Galactic Tribute has a particular ‘transformer’ pattern like design with straight lines around the forehead, nose and cheeks. The use of pure green to create this visual treat is simply spectacular. Notice how well spaced the gaps in between the dashes of green are – there is no spillover whatsoever which is really a feat to achieve. We liked how there are shades of green circles at the sides and top of the forehead which is a really good contrast to the overall flavor.

10. Diamond Dust 

Rave Face Paint 4

The Diamond Dust really stands out for how hip it looks without having to resort to any meticulous pattern at all. The underlying neon blue contrasts extremely well with the red hot pink lips, and sprinkles of ‘diamond dust’ of green and red all around the face. We really liked the use of rave face paint to create the glitter effect around the forehead and the cheek region, and the dashes of glittering green around the eye lashes gives this a particularly nice ‘diamond dust’ effect. If you are keen on using rave face paint in a simple but elegant way, this glittering pattern could be exactly what you need.

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