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Unicorn Rave Outfit

If you are looking for an awesome unicorn rave outfit to wear to the rave festival, check out this super cool unicorn rave outfit by J Valentine. It comes in a full set which includes the flashy unicorn hood, white costume skirt and corset, fluffy unicorn gloves and unicorn leg warmers. We really liked the furry white design of this particular unicorn rave outfit which adds nice color contrast to the unicorn hood and the colorful tail. It’s a very smooth and amazing outfit to wear and dance in as you rave to the beat of the music. The quality of the material used is also very good and feels comfortable and lightweight, which is a nice added touch.

Unicorn Hood

Unicorn Rave OutfitThe hood of this unicorn rave outfit is fabulously eye-catching with its gold horns and multi-color fur that gives it a magical unicorn appearance. The hood has a total of 7 horns – one sharp pointed one at the front and 6 back horns. We really liked the purple, pink and blue color combinations on the back and the gold color of the front horn, which gives this unicorn hood a unique appearance. Furthermore, the hood itself is made of vinyl and soft cotton which makes it really comfortable to wear – it has a faux fur and foam filled mane that’s really nice to touch. The only downside is that the top of the horn is not very strong and easily bends downwards, but this is a slight hassle that’s hardly noticeable. The J valentine unicorn hood looks great with furry fuzzy leg warmers that add an extra punch to this rave costume. You can expect to receive a tonne of compliments just wearing this awesome unicorn hood around.

 Unicorn Costume Skirt and Corset

unicorn rave outfit

Unicorn Rave OutfitThe J Valentine unicorn rave outfit comes with a costume skirt and corset set that looks super attractive and stunning. The unicorn skirt and corset comes with a zipper-side corset halter and pull-on skirt with attached tail – the tail looks really nice with its purple, blue and pink color combination. The skirt is very short so it’s a good idea to pair it with white shorts. The corset itself is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex which makes wearing it feel light and comfortable. The costume itself is beautiful, but we feel that the top is made for people with a large bust. If you’re someone with a large bust then this unicorn rave outfit will thrill you at the rave festival. It’s also a genuine J Valentine product which means that you get the quality that you pay for.

Unicorn Gloves

unicorn rave outfitWhat’s a unicorn rave outfit without unicorn rave gloves? The J. Valentine unicorn set comes with these awesome white fur rave gloves that is a must have for this costume combination. This is a faux fur fingerless glove so you essentially wear these unicorn gloves on your writs. It also comes with nice gold colored stretch foil wrists which is a nice added touch. The design of these gloves is really unlike any ordinary rave gloves – they look white and stunning to rave in, and are really fun to wear around the festival. It also pairs really well with white faux fur leg warmers to create one badass looking unicorn rave outfit.

 Unicorn Legwarmers

unicorn rave outfitThe J. Valentine unicorn legwarmers are the perfect complement to this awesome unicorn rave outfit. It’s a pair of very nice looking white faux fur legwarmers with gold ties around it that give it a unique and vibrant appearance. The trim of these legwarmers are simply perfect and look really cool just to dance and rave in. They pair really well with other kinds of rave costumes in general, but they look exceptionally nice when paired with the J. Valentine unicorn rave outfit with the white faux fur gloves and corset. The white faux fur design is meant to resemble the legs of a white unicorn, and is a must have if you are looking to customize your very own unicorn rave outfit. Furthermore, these leg warmers are genuine J. Valentine products so you can expect a pair of high quality leg warmers and plenty of fun to go with it!

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